Avoiding The Fakes: How To Sort Fake Products From The Real Deal

Posted by Rubina Parveen on November 8th, 2019

Shopping online is the thing of the decade. Many people have even started to buy their groceries online, and it is especially catching up with the younger generation. With so many online websites, the opportunity to trick customers is also increasing. Kul, a newly opened online store in the middle east is one of the stores you can trust. 

Kul sells its products extremely cheap rates, sometimes suspiciously cheap rates. However, rest assured that Kul is guaranteed to deliver you quality, top-notch products. If you add Barakatalan’s coupons to the mix, you can buy your Kul products for unimaginably cheap rates. 

Verify that your products are actually what they claim to be with these few steps. 

Beware of Third-Party Selling

Many websites like Kul and Noon welcome third-party selling on their website. This means that practically anybody can sell their wares on Kul. With this comes the problem of counterfeit products. The reputed stores, like Kul and Noon, definitely do all they can to avoid these mishaps. For a hassle-free and worry-free buying experience, check whether Kul is the seller, and you needn’t have any doubts about authenticity. Buy them with Kul Coupons from Barakatalan, for extra discounts. 

Look at the reviews

Any online product page will have a review section. On some of these pages, you can blatantly see that the reviews are fake or copied. If a person is unrealistically raving about a product, you can easily tell it’s a fake review. If they do seem fake, it usually means the products are also fake. 

Product Photos

If you’re a frequent online shopper, you’ve most probably seen different ‘products’ with the same exact photograph sold by different sellers. These copied photos could indicate that there is something fishy going on. With the advent of photoshop and other photo editing software, it’s becoming easy to trick customers as well. You can do a google reverse image search, or contact the dealer for more pictures. The resulting answer will definitely tell you whether the product is fake or not. 

The Deals 

Some products have totally unimaginable discounts placed on them. You can maybe see that a 1000AED product has a 90% discount, making is merely 100AED. The deal might sound great, but wait a minute and think. Only because the item is fake can the seller do this. With Kul, you will see incredible discounts, but those aren’t fake at all. You can even use Kul Discount Code to get even bigger discounts. 

Return Policy

Buying with the confidence that you can return the product if you don’t like it is always a good thing. Sellers who are selling fake products usually won’t have a good return policy, or flat-out not have returns at all. If you see ‘no-returns’ on products like electronics on reputed sites like Kul, it usually implies that the third-party seller is trying to trick you. Don’t fall prey to their tricks. Buy only Kul noon fulfilled products. 

You don’t need to villainise the websites if you merely know how to sort out the fakes. Use these simple tricks every time you shop from now on, and protect yourself from the counterfeits! 

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