Steps to choose Best Online Spoken English Tutor

Posted by Simpli English on November 8th, 2019

Some attributes as a best Online Spoken English Tutor should possess: -

·         EXPERIENCE: -

A good spoken teacher will have the required experience and will have years of intense experience in imparting spoken training. As they say ‘There is no better teacher than experience’ and so a teacher who has spent many years as a tutor will know the nitty gritties and the fine details which help him be the best spoken teacher.

·         EXPOSURE: -

A good spoken teacher should have the exposure and experience of teaching and growing up in a speaking environment. Preferably the teacher should be from either a convent or a good speaking school where the English is taught and practiced.

·         EXPERTISE: -

A good Online Spoken English Tutor should have the expertise in tutoring in speaking sessions and should have understanding of basic pedagogy and andragogy. If he/she has a TTT certificate in teaching that would be great.


An excellent tutor will be able to empathize with the students and build rapport with his audience so as to get the teaching across as effectively as possible. He should be a friend, mentor and guide and should support the student in using speaking in challenging situations. It is preferable that he be approachable and be available over the phone for students.


Good communication skills are critical for a good spoken teacher. He should be fluent with no Mother Tongue Influence or MTI and be eloquent. He should also not make pronunciation errors and should have a basic understanding of the differences between US and UK accent.

·         EMPATHY: -

Finally, a good speaking tutor should be able to empathize with his students and audience. He should be able to put himself in their shoes and understand the problems they are facing from their perspective. This will help him in helping them improve their fluency and become excellent speakers.

Note- There are many qualities and attributes that a good spoken teacher should possess. He should be fluent and eloquent and should act like a friend, mentor and guide to the students. He should be able to empathize with his students and he should also have the experience and expertise of teaching English tuition.

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