World of Warcraft: All details of Shadowlands 3

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 8th, 2019

World of Warcraft: All details of Shadowlands 3

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Once you have completed the main campaign and reached the new level cap, you will choose a covenant. This will permanently unlock those specific abilities, as well as a specific set of armor. Choosing a covenant will open a long journey of exploration, which will be the final game content of the Shadow Kingdom. You can think of the Covenant as a professional hall for the Legion.

5. Dungeon and team copy

Like every piece of information, the Shadow Kingdom will add eight new dungeons when it opens, and add a new team copy shortly thereafter. Four of the dungeons will be unlocked during the upgrade and the other four will be unlocked after full level.

The second major feature of the Shadow Kingdom is Togast, the Tower of Sin. Togast is an endless dungeon that you can explore on your own or explore with four other players. Hazzikostas said that Togast's inspiration comes directly from the Roguelike type of game, which means it is highly random and changes every time you enter it. Just like any good Roguelike game, you will get new skills every time you enter Togast, and the dungeon will provide a huge challenge for players. Visit for more information on quick upgrades!

Sixth, the upper limit of the level is adjusted to 60

Blizzard did not adjust the upper limit to 130, but compressed the character level of World of Warcraft. Now the 120-level character will be upgraded to 50, and the new level will reach 60 when the Shadow Kingdom is released next year. This is actually good news, because the upgrade experience of World of Warcraft is very long and too scattered. With this new level of compression, every level you upgrade will guarantee new skills and abilities.

What's more, the new character will start at the level of a new entry-level area, designed to better showcase the battles and missions of World of Warcraft. Once you reach level 10, you can choose any previous piece of information to level up, which will take you to level 50, when you can start the content of the Shadow Kingdom. That's right, you can now fully experience the story of Pandaria, instead of reaching a level quickly and then switching to a new area.

Seven, enhance character customization, all race optional death knight

The Shadow Kingdom will also introduce a variety of new character customization options, including more representative of minority faces, not just different skin tones. Each race has extra options, such as tattoos and hairstyles, to further differentiate the appearance of you and other characters.

As a special surprise, Hazzikostas also revealed that now every race can play the career of the death knight.

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