The 20 Best Resources for Taxi Insurance

Posted by Umair Ahmad on November 8th, 2019

Driving a taxi? You might be facing different issues on-road and thinking of your vehicle’s safety and must be spending a good amount of money on its insurance. As compared to standard car insurance, taxi insurance is normally considered to be more costly.

Start to compare taxi insurance to know more about the pricing and the features that are going to be covered under the policy.

Features to be Covered with Cheap Taxi Insurance

Taxi drivers cover more distance than other motorists and make their journey in a vehicle that can accommodate passengers. Taxis are normally bigger than average cars, making them fall into a higher car insurance group. The larger the vehicle, the higher are the insurance costs.

The fact that you drive more than an average motorist means you are at a higher risk of accidents all the time. There are different taxi insurance comparison sites to help you compare taxi insurance from different insurers and choose the right one according to your budget and requirements.

Getting a cheap taxi insurance policy does not mean you should compromise on the extent of cover it offers. The best ones protect you and your passengers with different features, such as:

  • Public liability cover
  • Overall costs
  • Cover for damage to your vehicle
  • Cover for damage to you
  • Cover for damage to your passengers

Finding the Best Taxi Insurance Quotes

When looking for taxi insurance online or a cheaper premium, you can take several steps to cut down the overall costs of cover. Try to look up for the lower car insurance groups when picking your vehicle. There are several car groups depending upon different factors, including safety features, repairs, cost of spare parts and the overall price of the vehicle.

Those in the higher group are the high performing vehicles. Whereas, lower group vehicles don’t cost much to cover. This does not mean to consider only this factor and neglect the other ones. You should consider other factors too, such as fuel consumption and traveling distance.

What are the 20 Best Resources for Cheap Taxi Insurance?

Here are some of the best resources for cheap taxi insurance:

  1. Ensure Compare is one of the best platforms for finding out cheap taxi insurance for comparing the best taxi insurance deals that can save you more money. It’s not just a taxi insurance comparison site; it’s a complete package for making an informed decision when choosing an insurance policy.
  1. Acornisure is one of the largest taxi insurance companies in the UK, serving the industry since its inception in 1981. They provide extremely affordable insurance rates with numerous cover features.
  1. Insure Taxi offers competitive rates and great service with unparalleled coverage for your vehicle. Their dedicated team of specialists helps you find a great deal to match your cover and budget needs.
  1. Quote Zone enables you to query taxi insurance online and receive calls from the most authentic insurers in the town that offer you the right quotes.
  1. Choice Quote is well-equipped with great taxi insurance deals and the right experts, serving the industry since 1995. They are well-known for providing excellent cover and professional services at a price that suits your budget.
  1. Tradex is one of the leading taxi insurance providers in UK, offering a wide range of policies to meet your requirements. No matter if you want insurance for a single taxi or the entire fleet, they have a dedicated claim-system to handle all your queries and provide you with expert assistance.
  1. One Sure Insurance helps you find the cheapest taxi insurance rates in the market and lookout for the best policy available for you.
  1. Swinton Insurance has a dedicated team that helps you find the right cover for your needs. This includes private and public hire insurance and fleet insurance. Their comprehensive cover policies ensure your vehicle’s safety.
  1. Staveley Head is one of the UK’s leading taxi insurance companies that work closely with a panel of insurers to find out the best taxi insurance for your needs. The best part is the rates: extremely affordable!
  1. Plain Insurance is a one-stop-shop for all your taxi insurance needs, serving the market since 1989.


  1. Freeway Insurance takes pride in serving the taxi drivers with best-possible rates and the best coverage options in the range.


  1. Connect Insurance has a good reputation of being one of the most authentic taxi insurance providers.


  1. Tower Gate Insurance provides you the right cover for your needs to save you from hassle.


  1. Simpli helps you find taxi insurance quotes online within seconds or less, and has a super-convenient interface.


  1. Penk Taxi has a good reputation for providing taxi insurance at cheap rates.


  1. Riviera Insurance provides a complete cover for all your public and private hire and fleet management needs to make sure you drive with peace of mind.


  1. Jenkinson Insurance is one of the most preferred taxi insurance companies in UK, with direct access and relations with top insurers in UK.


  1. Confused Insurance helps you live with peace of mind while taking away all your confusions regarding taxi insurance.


  1. PHTM provides a complete cover for your taxi insurance needs, with a simple interface and a dedicated team of specialists.


  1. Insurance Factory helps to arrange the best insurance rates in the minimum possible time to cater all your insurance coverage needs. With years of industry experience, they have proven to be one of the most trusted and preferred taxi insurers in the UK.

Cheap Taxi Insurance You Can Rely On

Ensure Compare is the best option to get your taxi insured immediately and enjoy a peaceful ride whether you are alone or with passengers. Why wait? Check out our packages and choose the cover of your choice. Happy driving!

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