Best Multivitamins: How to Choose?

Posted by Vince Paternoster & William Diberhard on November 8th, 2019

Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the body. The body requires different types of Multi Vitamin Supplement to undertake its activities such as:

  • Strengthening the bones and teeth
  • Aiding absorption of iron and copper 
  • Maintaining resistance to infection.
  • Aiding in anti-ageing.

At times, it may become difficult for you to absorb all the vitamins needed by the body, even with the best dietary intentions. Such a situation may prompt taking a daily safe and effective multivitamin to meet all the vitamin needs of the body. Before taking a Multivitamin Capsule, it is essential to choose a multivitamin prescription that will have effective results. There are two types of multivitamins. They include:

  1. Water-soluble vitamins are packaged into water delivery portions and are directly absorbed into the bloodstreams while food is being broken down. They help in:

o   Producing energy.

o   Releasing energy.

o   Collagen formation.

o   Building cells and proteins.

  1. Fat-soluble vitamins enter into the blood through the lymph channels in the intestinal walls. They are mostly transported through proteins which act as their carriers. They help in:

o   Protecting vision.

o   Building bones.

o   Protecting the body.

Factors to consider while choosing a multivitamin

  1. Approval by the relevant body

You should always aim to take vitamins which have been approved by the appropriate authority. For example, in the USA, you may check whether the Multivitamin Supplement Manufacturer  is verified by the USP to contain all the vitamins and is fit for consumption.

  1. The nutrients in the multivitamins

      Always ensure that the multivitamin contains the necessary nutrients that you need or the nutrients prescribed by a medical expert. This ensures that the multivitamins become effective in your body to achieve the desired results.

  1. Necessary daily values of ingredients

You should always aim to pick a multivitamin which provides maximum value for its ingredients. It may be difficult to include some micronutrients such as calcium since the pills would be large whereas some vitamins such as A, K, E, and D may build up in the body to become toxic.

  1. Essential micronutrients

You should always aim to get multivitamins with micronutrients such as Iodine, molybdenum, and borate. The Multi Vitamin Supplement should also contain Vitamins A, K, E, D2 or D3, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

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