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Posted by James Wilkins on November 8th, 2019

As the name suggests, merchant marines are primarily involved in commercial transactions in the transportation of passengers and cargo across the sea. It has nothing to do with the Navy. You can see that the naval fleet of merchant ships consists of commercial containers, cargo ships and passenger ships. Life offers many adventures in merchant marines career that are proud to tell your child as a bedtime story. However, the main temptation is that attractive salaries are involved, and in most cases, rapid growth opportunities make up for a long absence or diligence outside the home or family.

Merchant Marines are an inseparable aspect of international trade, as no new means of communication can be used to eliminate the transportation of goods and cargo. Most international exchanges depend on merchant ship activity; otherwise most businesses will be affected. Therefore, there are specialists with specialized training who need to work in the various positions required to manage operations. Because of all there is good Merchant Navy Career in India.


Quality that student must have for taking admission in Merchant Navy course

If you want to take admission in Top Marine Engineering Colleges in India then you must have following qualities:

  • If you want a merchant marine career, you need to have a strong and sporty spirit in addition to a strong and healthy body.
  • You have to adapt well to accept new experiences and accept difficult situations.
  • He needs to have inspiration to do higher education and should be oriented to better and higher responsibilities.
  • You must have a common sense and intelligence to actively participate in team activities and handle various issues related to this domain.
  • You should be almost ready to feel dizzy and if you feel you can't handle it; this is not your tea.
  • You also need to be ready to leave home for a long time, and you won't feel sick at home.

Responsibilities of Marine Engineering

The main and most important post in the Merchant Marine are marine engineers, navigators and radiographers. In general, shipping companies hire these specialists for a short time for each contract. In the past, only men were working in this area, but today some women are employed on merchant ships.

The service department, platform, and engine are three areas where many jobs are executed. So if you want to join Merchant Marine as a young person and realize your dreams, you can join these departments. For this you have to take admission in Marine Engineering Courses In India. The various functions of the service department are as follows:

  1. Doctor
  2. Kitchen
  3. Laundry service etc.

Mallet's various labour responsibilities are:

  1. Captain
  2. Director
  3. Second officer
  4. Third officer, etc.

The various work perspectives of the engine department are:

  1. Chief Engineer
  2. Electrical officer
  3. Radio Officer
  4. Other junior engineers

If you are willing to participate in these exciting job profiles, you can do a marine engineering course from Marine Institute in India and attempt to enrol in one of the known institutions to begin your career.

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