How to Find a Professional Online Chess Trainer and School?

Posted by IchessU on November 8th, 2019

There are many online chess schools these days, but not all of them are the same. When comparing schools, it’s important to look at the tools they offer as well as their roster of instructors. You want to choose one that gives you access to an online chess trainer who can truly help you improve your strategy and deepen your love for the game.

How do they choose trainers?

Some of the best online chess schools will have a section on their website that discusses how they hire online chess coaches. You can tell that a school is a good one if they accept only trainers who are dedicated to chess education. They hire teachers who have experience in working with kids, teens, and adults with different skill levels.

Who are their current coaches?

When you choose the right school, you can have access to an online chess trainer who has been a coach of several world championship contenders as well as national title holders and chess players who are in contention for major titles. Check their website if they list the names of their current teachers, or email them and ask for a list.

Do they serve special-needs learners?

Even if you don’t fall in the special-needs category, you will want to work with an online chess school that is involved in projects for kids with ADHD/ ADD, adults suffering from Alzheimer’s, as well as individuals with bipolar disorders or autism. The best schools have special programs for students with disabilities. That’s how you know that they are serious about teaching chess to everyone.

What do students say about their trainers?

Another great way to find an online chess trainer is to read the ‘testimonials’ page on the school’s website. What are students saying about the school in general, about their learning tools, their courses and programs, and about the teachers?

Is there a trainer available for your particular skill level?

It’s important to work with an online chess trainer that can meet you where you are—someone who can give you the right tools and lessons for your current level of skill. This is why some of the best online chess academies let you take a short chess quiz so that they can match you with the right chess coach. 

How much do they charge?

There’s no doubt that you will save a lot of money hiring an online chess trainer than you would be hiring a local coach. As you probably already know, a local chess coach will be very expensive. That’s because they have to drive to your home or office for every class or rent out a classroom/instruction space for their students. This is why going online is often the best choice. On average, an online chess trainer should be about 50% cheaper than a local coach who gives face to face lessons.

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