How Early Childhood Education Helps Create a Sound Foundation for your Child’s O

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There’s a common belief ‘a house is as strong as its foundation’. The same may apply for early childhood education (ECE) as well. Extensive research in this realm states that it has a direct impact on the social, psychological and cognitive development of children.

Early childhood education has been linked to higher IQ scores. It is also considered a powerful tool for promoting continuous success later in life. High-quality childhood education impacts the child’s ability to develop skills and enhance talents to a large extent. Researchers have also pointed to the fact that learning deficiencies can be tackled effectively in the early years.

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ECE Aids Brain development

One of the biggest focuses of early childhood education is healthy brain development. Research has shown that critical brain development occurs in the first three years of life. As a result, children can be easily trained in essential concepts during this ‘golden’ period. Children can be introduced to the sound of alphabets, concepts of shape, size and colour during the early years. And all this eventually creates the foundation for learning higher concepts.

ECE Encourages Good Behaviour

Pre-literacy skills also train children to behave well. When children sit through a storytelling session patiently, they are exposed to the values of self-regulation. They are taught to follow classroom rules and understand the expectations of others.

ECE Enhances Life Skills

Successful early childhood education prepares a child for a lifetime. Introducing numeric and literacy concepts at an early age open up a child’s mind. Learning through play, music, art and craft lays the foundation for adult life. A positive attitude towards life is also built during these early years of life. It creates a feeling of optimism and instils confidence in a child. It will help them to approach different situations in life confidently.

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A few more benefits of early childhood education are

  • Enables better understanding of pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills
  • Facilitates important cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Encourages holistic development which prepares them for a lifetime
  • Makes learning fun
  • Develops interest in learning new concepts
  • Builds curiosity about the environment
  • Teaches the values of teamwork, bonding with peers and respecting adults
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

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