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Most Valuable Basketball Cards in The History

There are so many types of basketball cards available in the market and some of these cards are worth of 90,000. Yes, it may sound unbelievable but it is truth. In this article, you are going to see the best and most valuable cards in history. One thing that you have to remember here is that all these cards are present in Mint condition. You may find lower grade similar cards for much lower price.

George Mikan Rookie Card

This card is worth 90,000 USD. Most of the youngsters aren’t aware of George Mikan. He was called Mr. Basketball in 1940s and his Bowman rookie card from 1948 is the highest priced rookie card that is present in the market.

George Mikan Potato Chips Card

This is another card of George Mikan graded by PSA. This card is pretty much identical to the rookie card of Mikan. It is not as costly as the rookie one, but this card is the second highest priced vintage cards. The price of this card is 12,500 USD.

Bill Russell Rookie Card

Similar to George Mikan, Bill Russell is the one of the best NBA players. He has won some major leagues back in his time. Russell’s 1957 Rookie card is one of the most famous and costly cards. It is graded as new mint and the price of this card is similar to that of the rookie card of George Mikan- 90,000 USD.

Jerry West

This card was designed for local purposes by Kahn’s hotdogs. They usually used to pack their hotdogs along with these cards. It has damaged the cards to an extent back then. According to the collectors this card is the rookie card of Jerry West. They are very rare and up until now PSA has graded only 23 of these cards. Only one of these cards is graded above PSA 8.

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