Mountain Biking Through the Snow-Clad Peaks? What to Wear & Why

Posted by Miley Munroe on November 8th, 2019

The picturesque El Dorado we see during the snug summers have a completely different story to tell during the bone-biting winters. Nevertheless, if adventure thrills run through your veins, weather conditions seldom seem like a constraint. In fact, winter sports addicts often live for such exhilaration, challenging themselves out of their comfort bubble. Imagine thinking out of the box; trading in your skis and sleds for some monster mountain bikes; swooshing down the snow-clad hill seeping in the panoramic view of frozen lakes and ivory-white peaks. These are just some of the perks that make mountain biking in lake Tahoe heavenly.

However, safety and precaution checks before you venture out into the icy trail is an absolute must and if you have El Dorado’s Lake Tahoe in mind, we have some warm suggestions for you-

Here’s what to need to pack for your mountain biking plans in Lake Tahoe-

  • Footwear- The first thing to pack is some thermal, water-proof, snug socks. The next on our list is a tad bit expensive but a whole lot of convenience packed together. Hiking boots or biking sneakers that come with under-sole ridges for a perfect grip. We prefer rubber boots over leather. The cold atmosphere or the wet snow may not agree with leather much.

  • Layers- Needless to say, layers are important but let us fill you in on the layering. There should be a base layer (choose cashmere or polyester over cotton) followed by an insulator (look for your fleece warmers). Now look for a waterproof wind-beater for the outermost layering. 

  • Bottom layers- Spandex alone won’t make the cut. You might want to pair your comfortable spandex with some thermal-lined tights that can help you glide through the wind and cold and still keep your limbs flexible and free. 

  • Hand warmers- Don’t go looking for woolen mittens if you have biking plans. The best gloves come with thicker insulation on the back of the hand and a leaner palm that allows easy grip and comfort. If you can find a pair that has ridges on the palm- all the better! 

  • Head protector- Here’s the last bit of snug to complete the biking outfit- use a skull cap and earmuffs to avoid runny noses and heavy chests in and layer it with a must-have biking helmet to keep your head protected at all costs!

Now that your toasty and snug here’s one last check-point before you swoosh down the mountain. Do comprehensive research on Tahoe mountain bike trail conditions. Rocky trails and snow-concealed dents in your path shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your winter thrill. With safety in mind and zeal in our hearts, we wish you a happy mountain biking in advance!

Author Bio: The author is an online blogger and the article talks about what to wear if you’re mountain biking in Lake Tahoe during the winters. 

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