Important Tips for Using Contact Lens

Posted by Siam Wrythe on November 8th, 2019

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Contact lenses are getting more popular for correcting eye defects and aesthetics. Adults, kids and teens all use contact lens for vision enhancement. Also, the availability of cheap colored contacts makes it accessible. Even with this wide usage, you still need to learn the proper way of installing, removing and caring for your contact lens.

Here are some quick tips for using contact lens:

  1.      Selection should be carried out only by an ophthalmologist based on an eye examination.
  1.      Before initial use, do not neglect the attached instructions.
  1.      When using contact lenses, an ophthalmologist should be examined at least once a year.
  1.      Compliance with hygiene rules (elementary hand washing, use of clean, preferably lint-free, hand towels) is mandatory.
  1.      If the lens is damaged or discolored, it must be replaced with another.
  1.      If a foreign particle gets in, you need to immediately remove the lens due to possible damage to the mucous membrane of the eye.
  1.      When using cosmetics, it is recommended to wear lenses first.
  1.      It is advisable to put on and take off with fingertips, and not with nails, in order to avoid violation of their integrity and damage to the mucous membrane of the eye.
  1.      Before applying the lens to the eye, it is necessary to verify its integrity, the absence of damage, sufficient moisture, and also in its correct position (the edges of the lens look up). When inverted, the lens repeats the shape of the plate, as its edges are directed to the sides.
  2. It is necessary to observe the cleanliness of the container intended for storage and disinfection of lenses, namely:
    1. a). applying lenses to the eyes, you need to pour the solution from the container
    2. b). rinse the container with fresh lens solution
    3. c). dry the container, leaving it on a clean surface in a position upside down
    4. d). to store the container in a dry room
    5. e). change container at least 1 time per month.
  3.   It is forbidden to use the lenses longer than the prescribed period and sleep in them, if they are not intended for this, to use disposable lenses repeatedly, and also to wear them during acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections and seasonal allergies.
  4. Do not place the lenses in unsuitable solutions, use the same lens solution or an expired solution several times, and store the lenses in a container if they are not completely immersed in the solution.
  5. Installing and removing lenses is always recommended to start with one eye, so as not to confuse them. For the same user, the parameters of contact lenses for the left and right eye may differ.
  6. If you experience a feeling of dryness, it is advisable to use special moisturizing drops for the eyes, combined with specific lenses.
  7. Lenses should be acquired from quality stores such as OFOvv.
  8. If you feel the lens “swimming” in your eye or feel a certain discomfort, you should consult a doctor.

Usage Technique for Contact Lens

As a rule, in the office of an ophthalmologist, you can try to put on and remove contact lenses for the first time. The doctor can tell the patient about 2 existing methods of application. You can put on the lens using both hands or one of them. The future user independently determines which method will be more convenient for him to perform all the necessary manipulations with it.

Donning with both hands

Place the lens on the forefinger pad. Using the middle finger of one hand, pull the lower eyelid down. Using the middle finger of the other hand, pull the upper eyelid up. After that, apply the lens on the mucous membrane of the eye and, without releasing the eyelids, look around: the lens will fall into position. Then you can let go of both eyelids.

One-handed donning

Place the lens on the forefinger pad. Using the middle finger of one hand, pull down the lower eyelid, looking straight ahead. You can hold the upper eyelid with the other hand to avoid blinking. Look up and, despite the lens, apply it to the mucous membrane of the eye. After that, slowly lower your gaze down and release the lower eyelid. Then you can close your eyes and the lens itself will fall into position.

Contact Lens Removal

Pull the lower eyelid with your middle finger while looking up. At the same time, slide the lens down with your index finger. Using the fingertips of the index and thumb, grab the lens with a pinching motion and place it in a solution container for subsequent storage and disinfection. Do the same with the second lens.

Possible complications when using contact lenses

  1.      Allergic reactions (most often due to the components of care products).
  2.      Infectious diseases (for example, conjunctivitis) in violation of basic hygiene rules and improper lens treatment.
  3.      Violation of the oxygen supply to the cornea of the eye, leading to its edema, and other hypoxic reactions.
  4.      Mechanical damage to the cornea, for example, when a foreign body gets under the lens.

There you have it. Some important tips for using contact lens. You may choose to buy your cheap colored contacts online.

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