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Pu-erh ripe tea is a kind of tea which is made from Yunnan broad-leaved sun-dried green tea and processed by warm-pile fermentation.Pu 'er ripe tea is mild in nature and has the functions of nourishing the stomach, protecting the stomach, warming the stomach, lowering blood fat and losing weight.

What is the fragrance of "Chen Xiang" of Pu-erh tea?
When I mention Pu-erh tea, I believe that most tea lovers will think of their biggest feature - Yuechen Yuexiang. Indeed, Pu-erh tea is a post-fermented tea. Under the correct and reasonable storage conditions, its contents will continue to be fermented and transformed, so that Pu-erh tea will continue to improve within a reasonable period of time, thus having the Yuechen Yuexiang flavor given by the years.
Perhaps there are tea friends who have such questions: Why do different people have a big difference in Chen Xiang’s statement? What is Chen Xiang’s fragrance?
Pu-erh tea Chen Xiang is not a single aroma similar to the old wooden house.
Regarding Chen Xiang, some tea friends think that it is an old-fashioned smell similar to that of old wooden houses; some tea friends think it is a kind of smell similar to earth, and some tea friends think it is a low and restrained smell... There are different opinions.
Therefore, the reason is that the above-mentioned, the fragrance of Pu-erh tea is not a single aroma, but a comprehensive collective name for the various pleasant aromas of Pu-erh tea through storage and transformation. In addition, according to the self-identification of the scent, the drinker judges that the fragrance of Pu-erh tea is closer to which familiar smell in life, so the perception of Chen Xiang is more diverse.
Judging from the more fragrant of Pu-erh tea, under the premise of correct and reasonable storage, the longer the age of Pu-erh tea, the more the overall quality is improved. As one of the comprehensive quality characteristics of Pu-erh tea, Chen Xiang can be called aroma, which is inevitably a pleasant smell.
Pu-erh tea Chenxiang has the same or similar material composition as the old wooden house.
In the later storage process, Pu-erh tea has complex chemical changes under the action of enzymes, microorganisms and oxygen, which produces many substances that were not found in tea before, and some of them have typical flavors.
The reason why the old wooden house has a taste is because the material is wood, the essence of wood is wood fiber, the wood fiber and other substances in the wood under the action of oxygen, microorganisms, etc. After a series of complex oxidation reactions, the wood will also Produces a substance similar to the taste.
Tea lovers who know a little about Pu-erh tea know that Pu-erh tea is not a tea that is tender and tender. Some of the classic old teas that have been celebrated for decades, Chen Xiang is not the most tender tea. It is a tea with a relatively high maturity, and most old teas contain the right amount of tea stalks. Tea stalks and high-margin tea contain the same wood fiber as wood, so that after long-term oxidation, the tea will naturally produce the same or the same material as the old wooden house.
What is the fragrance of "Chen Xiang" of Pu-erh tea?
This is the reason why many people associate the fragrance of Pu-erh tea with the taste of the old wooden house.
The essence of Pu-erh tea Chenxiang is the comprehensive effect of various aromatic substances.
It is said that the old Pu-erh tea has Chen Xiang, but the old wooden house is only said to have its taste. This is the most obvious difference between the old tea and the old wooden house. One is incense and the other is flavor.
The essential reason is that the material composition of the two is quite different. Pu-erh tea not only contains wood fiber, but also contains many other inclusions. In recent years, researchers have isolated more than 200 aroma components from Pu-erh tea. The substance with the taste is only a part of it. It can be said that Chen taste belongs to Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang is not only Chen Wei.
More than 200 kinds of aroma components detected by Pu-erh tea are also proof that the fragrance of Pu-erh tea is not a single aroma, but the most direct and essential material evidence of the comprehensive abundance of various aromas.
The essence of Pu-erh tea is the aromatic substance. The combination of more than 200 kinds of aromatics in Pu-erh tea has formed a true Pu-erh tea fragrance. The content and combination of these more than 200 kinds of aromatic substances will directly make Pu-erh tea show a completely different aroma. For example, some high-quality Pu-erh teas are converted into medicines and jujubes after being properly and reasonably stored. Date smell, glutinous rice, ginseng smell, Musk... a lot of pleasant fragrance.

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