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How To Choose Gas Boilers

Posted by basshopper on November 9th, 2019

If you want to buy a boiler you must choose the most suitable one for your home and for this, make sure to take into account several factors, such as: type of fuel, the available space and the needs of use of each house.

We explain the differences between the types of boilers and a guide to know which boiler to choose.

What is the function of a gas boiler?
A gas boiler is a tank that aims to heat water, in this case using gas as fuel.

The boilers are responsible for heating the rooms and water of a home in an efficient and comfortable way.

Within this reservoir a combustion is generated in which the gas burns and when heated, causes the water to become steam. This steam leaves the tank and is used to heat.

Boilers could be utilised in the house or business to give heat solutions and hot water. It's just a gadget that provides warmth to plumbing from the ceilings and walls at a home made or industrial construction. Gas boiler service may be electric or gas. If a house owner plans to get vitoden 200, they need to consider obtaining it based on how big is the dwelling.

What types of boiler are in the market?
Types of boiler according to the fuel with which it works:
When choosing the type of fuel, the availability of each type of fuel must be taken into account in the area where the boiler is installed.

1. Gas boilers

Most models of gas boilers have their version in natural gas and in butane or propane gas. It depends on the gas they use can be:

Natural gas boilers. Fuel gas reaches the home through a channeled system. It is the one that emits less gas of all types of fuel. You need to pass regular checks once a year and proper ventilation.

Boilers of butane or propane gas. It is also channeled gas. Propane gas boilers are often used in areas where not much heating is needed, such as in second homes.

2. Diesel or diesel boilers

They are boilers that heat very fast and easy to maintain, although they are the ones that emit the most gases.

They are boilers suitable for homes that the piped gas network does not reach. By needing to store the gas in its own tank, more space is required. This is the reason why they tend to be the usual ones in single-family houses.

Types of boilers depending on the use for which they are installed:

1. Gas boiler with accumulation.

It incorporates a tank of between 20 and 50 liters in which domestic hot water is always conserved. These types of gas boilers are suitable for homes with several bathrooms in which they need to have hot water immediately. They carry a greater expense by having to keep the temperature constantly.

2. Instant oil boilers.

They heat the water as needed. They carry a lower expense because they only consume fuel at the time you want to heat the water or put the heating on.

Types of boiler according to its typology:

1. Atmospheric gas boilers.

Atmospheric gas boilers were the most common when boilers began to be installed. They use the air in the room where they are for combustion. They can be dangerous due to the possibility of causing poisoning and it is forbidden to install them since January 1, 2010 because the regulations indicate that only sealed boilers can be installed that expel a low level of polluting substances.

2. Waterproof boilers.

They are the boilers currently in the market. They are called watertight because combustion takes place in a watertight chamber, so it avoids the possibility of poisoning.

Types of waterproof boilers:

Gas boilers Low NOx. The gas boiler Bajo NOx works in a very similar way to the gas boilers, the difference is that those of Bajo NOx have a smoke outlet system that makes them more environmentally friendly.

They also have an advantage, and they do not need a drain pipe for condensates, compared to watertight boilers, so in the long run they can be cheaper than these.

Condensing gas boilers. Condensing gas boilers, despite being the most expensive, are the most recommended, since they allow saving up to 30% in natural gas consumption compared to other types, which makes them amortizable in the long term. This is because its operating system allows 11% of the heat of condensation to be reused. The energy efficiency they offer can reach up to 109%, depending on the model installed.

In addition to saving on gas, they also save on energy consumption, and taking into account the high increase in the cost of energy in our country, the amortization time is increasingly reduced. They are also Low NOx, so they also respect the environment.

For its installation they need a suitable drain to evacuate the condensed water. Something very important to consider before buying a condensing gas boiler is to know the type of pipes that we have in the drains of our house, because it is important that they are NOT LEAD, because if so, the condensed water evacuated by The condensing gas boiler can damage them.

If you want to install a condensing boiler, find out about the subsidies that the Autonomous Communities subsidize to encourage its implementation.

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