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Posted by Rheasharma on November 9th, 2019

Science has made our life easy. It has discovered many machines and technology that we are using in our routine life. These technology has made our life easy.

India has achieved 44th place in the field of technology. Technology is the action of putting scientific knowledge(tech news) into practical things. We use technology to perform specific tasks.

Here are the fields or branches of technology:

  • Agriculture and Bio-Technology
  • Energy and Power Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Transportation Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology

Advantages of Technology

  • Because of technology, we can easily access the information.
  • Technology saves time. We can travel the big distance in a very short period.
  • In the medical field, it’s easy to operate and monitor internal health problems.

Technology plays an important role in the economic growth of any country. There are many tech news sites to update you from the latest technology evolving in future.

Data Science, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Automation are trending today so people, who want to make their career in Information technology industry, can opt it.

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