How to Fix Facebook Account Recovery Without Email?

Posted by sophia singh on November 9th, 2019

It happens many times that you are logging in to your Facebook account after a long time and can’t remember your username or password. Or you have just forgotten your login details for some other reason. No matter what the reason is, you can easily do Facebook account recovery without email. Usually, you need a recovery phone number or an email address to recover your forgotten account details but you can also do Facebook account recovery without email.

How to do Facebook account recovery without email?

There are many ways through you which you can do Facebook account recovery even if you don’t have access to recovery email. Let’s discuss these methods one by one:

Try to login with an alternate email address or phone number

If you cannot login to your Facebook account using your details then take help of an alternate email address or phone number. If there are more than one email address or phone number linked to your account, then you can take advantage of it. In this situation you should remember your password. After regaining the access, make your account more secure by following this procedure:

  •          Click the down arrow from the upper right corner of your home page.
  •          Go to settings and click on Security and login.
  •          Go to two-factor authentication and click on setting up extra security.
  •          Use advanced sections to change security measures.

Use your username to find your account

Go to Facebook’s Find your Account page and search for your name or username. Start by entering your nicknames or formal name. A list will appear with related names. Select the option “This is My account” once you identify your profile picture. Follow the instructions to reset your password and you will be able to regain your access to your account.

If you are not able to recall your username, take the help of a friend. Ask him/her to login to the Facebook account and go to your profile and copy the URL from there. The last part of the URL is your username.

Use trusted contacts

Identify your trusted contacts using following steps:

  •          Login to your Facebook account and look at the upper-right corner of your home screen for a down-arrow. Select settings.
  •          Click on Security and login.
  •          Go to Choose friends and click on Choose friends.
  •          After this a “what are trusted contacts” dialog box will open. Click on Choose trusted contacts from there.
  •          Type the names of three to five Facebook friends and click to confirm.
  •          The contacts you have selected will appear now. You can edit or remove them later.

To use your trusted contacts see below procedure:

  •          Go to Facebook’s login page and click on Forgot Account option.
  •          A reset your password page will open, click on “No longer have access to these.”
  •          Enter an email address or phone number on “How can we reach you” page. Click Continue.
  •          Click on “Reveal my trusted contacts”
  •          Type the name of your trusted contact and follow the instructions.
  •          A recovery code link will be provided to you. Send this link to your friends and provide you the code they have received.
  •          Use this code to regain access to your account.

If still you are not able to recover your account, call on the toll-free customer support number.


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