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Posted by mandyjhn07 on November 9th, 2019


                        After Watching the topic you might be thinking of Rikers Island near New York city , which is considered as biggest jail with accommodation capability of approx 15,000 prisoners at a time , but while talking about definition of jail is According to Google “ a place for the confinement of people accused or convicted of a crime” & prisoners “a person captured and kept confined by an enemy, opponent, or criminal” under this definitions it will be a contradiction in Google’s data that the biggest jail is Rikers Island , the definition fits for Citizen Kashmir who are confined in their home for past 84 days.

                        The population of Kashmir is About 12.5 million in population according to the 2011 census in India, which has no comparison with any jail in the World where every Citizen is facing prison due Curfew held by Indian Army. The Curfew was due to situation after lifting of Article 370 and 35a , Article 370 means “Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir ‘” that means government is bound to treat them as separate decision & governance right until it got resolved. Article 35A bounds every non-kashmiri to buy land within Kashmir to Avoid Conflicts till resolution of Kashmir Issue.

Unfortunately it was taken without any consensus with Kashmir’s stakeholder & public. The reaction of public was very loud in opposition of Upheld removal of Article 350 & 35A , As it snatches few right that are available for Citizen of Kashmir , the government hold Curfew to crush the voice of innocent kashmiri wants to liberate & stand for their right.


                                 After Separation of Sub-continent, all the princely states given right to decide that either they will be a part of Pakistan or India. The Ruler of Kashmir was maharaja hari Singh, who decided be separate independent state neither with India nor with Pakistan. The Majority of Kashmir was Muslim who were eager to be a part of Pakistan opposed his decision.

                               Then afterward kashmiris plays a campaign of liberation from maharaja hari Singh’s rule. When the campaign reach to the level it become out of control of his government , he decided to call Indian government for help in order to restore his governance power in Kashmir & signed document with Indian government in 26 October , 1947.

                            After this signed document Indian forces were allowed In Kashmir & then they started capturing Kashmir with barbarism recorded in the history. After Indian invasion in Kashmir, Pakistani tribes & army decided to fight with Indian forces to defend their brothers in Kashmir. When Indian army realizes that they are losing their control over Kashmir they take this issue it United Nation by jawarlal Nehru.

                     United nation draws a temporary line between Pakistani dominant Kashmir & Indian dominant Kashmir to make a seize fire & Order both countries  from Kashmir  to step back & let the citizen of Kashmir decide through referendum , which was accepted by Pakistan , Thus India makes article 350 & 35A to make them separate entity & governing  under Indian state constitution to avoid referendum. After 72 years of UN resolution (S/726) India is still not taking their forces back for referendum in Kashmir.

Current Situation

                        The extremist government of was very well exposed by Pakistani prime minister about their false claim of killing 350 terrorist In Pakistan. As it was only few trees which was quite painful , in spite of all this they caught their pilot who attacked in Pakistan and released with respect. But the mindset brought modi was extremist religious mentality which is largely exposed by their killing of innocent kashmiri protestors.

                          The united nation’s regulation was highly violated by Indian army through various forms of action against rebels of government. Such as using of palled guns which was banned by united nation to fire it on protestors. After lifting up article 350 and 35A Kashmir is open for Pakistan to attack or can present their case first of illegal occupation &  84 days curfew will be a strong argument               


Rebels Funding:                                                                 

                          India Accused Pakistani government for training militants & rebels in Indian occupied Kashmir, but they never taken that case to United Nation .On the other hand , Pakistan rejects their baseless allegation & ask them to stop them from interfering in Baluchistan , which has no concern with India. Pakistan has some evidence after finding their agents like qulbushan yahav working in Baluchistan on irani passport with name of Mubarak Patel.


                     Both of countries are afraid of occupation of other on step back their forces in Kashmir. As multiple war creates a lack of trust amongst both countries, they will never step back. Still Pakistan claims to agree on note of Indian army’s step back but they are not interested.

Superpower Proxy:

                   The superpower countries like US & China has their interest in the issue, US don’t want it to be resolved as it is will released the tension with china & they loss their strong opponent of china in southeast Asia. On the other hand, China wants to resolves Kashmir issue as they are also Claim their authority over territory of ladakh (Kashmir’s Territory).

 Resolution of Conflicts:

Application of UN Resolution

                                      The foreign ministry of both countries should decide a mutual accepted way out to conduct referendum in both parts of Kashmir to avoid conflicts with each other.

Forces Withdrawal

                                        Both of countries should withdraw their forces from territory of Kashmir at the same time under united nation guideline & on ground facilitation to make sure zero influence from any both.

Final Statement

Why any country will be interested in solving your issue ? It is you who can solve it through mutual consent build a powerful border relation with India, but without any doubt for building a healthy relation in southeast Asia Kashmir Issue should be resolved.After lifting Curfew the separatist movement will be more effectively function & become powerful , they can’t keep it for lifetime

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