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Posted by peter main on November 9th, 2019

Most people assume they know what a tractor is, and what it is used for, based largely on historical and  stereotypical images of someone ploughing a field, using a tractor. Whilst this is true to a large extent, the extent and range of tractors in today's world means that they can be adapted to be used for a vast range of agricultural and construction uses, making them incredibly versatile but also incredibly complex machines as well.

There are also a significant range of manufacturers and types of different tractor available, before even going into the question of whether to buy a new one, lease one or by one second hand.

The first priority is to decide what the tractor is to be used for. The term tractor in today's market applies not only to a traditional type of tractor, but also to all types of construction machinery, zero turn mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, RTVs and utility vehicles and skid steers.

Deciding on the type of work the tractor will be used for will allow you to decide the best fit in terms of what machine is most appropriate.Bear in mind that the nature of work may be commercial or domestic or both.

A small tractor may be used for a large garden, a small holding or a commercial venture such as a market garden. A small tractor may also will be used on any type of farm for specific jobs, it can also be adapted with a wide range of implements to be used for such purposes as a snowplough or snowblower etc

Once a decision has been made as to what type of work that is going to be used for, it is important to decide what type of land or buildings the tractor is going to be used in or around. The conditions of the land will determine the type of tractor to be used, as well as what improvements can or cannot be used on the tractor in order to adapt it for other purposes.

The next question is probably which manufacturer to use, and were to buy a new or secondhand tractor. There is such a wide range of available that it can be quite a difficult issue for people to deal with. Some people will have a preference in terms of  liking a particular make and model of manufacturer, while others will simply look around the major ones and see which seems most appropriate.

It is also worth visiting the various.forums online, which can give a real overview of the major manufacturers and the different models, and is a really good source of information that is reliable and independent.

If buying a new tractor, it is worth following the same principles as you would if you are buying a new car, in terms of negotiating a real discount on the list price, as well as negotiating on such issues as servicing, maintenance, parts, warranty etc.

If buying a secondhand tractor, then same applies in terms of the issues that you might expect when buying a second-hand car, except a second  hand tractor probably carries less risks. The important thing in many ways is to find out what type of work the tractor has been used for, and what type of land it has been used on.

Peter Main is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about agriculture and farm machinery, with a special focus on manufacturers to provide powerful tractors such as the Kubota M Series and also writes about the importance of checking and verifying manufacturers parts as an important component of deciding which type of tractor to buy.

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