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Eco-Saving and Hygienic Disposable Salon Towels

Posted by vinaytiwari18 on November 9th, 2019

Disposable towels are the best salon companion which maintains the parameter of cleanliness and comfort at the same time. Crafted with fabrics that soak liquids and have gained popularity in everyday usage in beauty salons and daycares.

Nowadays every salon prefers these super absorbent reusable towels which are easier to use than conventional cotton towels. A diverse range of disposable towels has come up in the market that has gained the attention of customers worldwide. Depending upon the use, colored disposable towels are in use among beauty experts. Generally, white disposable salon towels are used by salon and spa professionals.

However, black disposable salon towels are preferred by the hairdressers. These per-use disposable towels have changed the face beauty salon and spa. Changes have swooped in and modified the use of cotton towels. Catering to the everyday salon needs, these towels are hygienic and limit the additional labor of cleaning and reusing regular towels. New varieties of spa-inspired scented towels and super absorbent eco-towels are available in the market.

Eco-saving Salon Towels:

Rapid demand for natural products has brought in the trend of environmental friendly salon towels. Salon professionals have switched to these nature-inspired white disposable salon towels to offer the best services to their clients. These bamboo-based salon towels are 10-15x more absorbent than regular salon towels.

They are durable for rough usages like color rubbing, Ombrè techniques, and makeup removal. Hairdressers and makeup artists are also using biodegradable black disposable salon towels which save their time and money.

Premium Scented Towels:

Spa treatments have become popularized owing to the fragrant ambiance and comforting services. To enhance the spa-like feel, scented disposable towels made with 100% natural ingredients are used by salon experts. Containing natural fragrances like apple, vanilla, citrus, floral, woody aromatic, and others, these scented disposable salon towels avoid any animal products.

Why Choose Disposable Salon Towels?

Millennia’s are inclining towards the parlor services after spending hectic schedules in their respective work sectors. This has increased salon appointments particularly. Per-use salon towels helps save plenty of time and also maintains hygiene in parlor environment. Besides, a cleaner and hygienic salon service attracts more customers.

The biodegradable disposable towels save a little extra money and time and in turn earns a greater profit. Also, no bleaches, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals make them ideal for the skin.

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