Way to Professional Help in the Form of Individual Counseling Den Haag

Posted by phildowdell on November 9th, 2019

Sometimes life problems take a toll on your health. It has become increasingly hard to maintain a work life balance as personal agenda, inadequate time for relaxation, and business travel on weekend, and erratic schedule become the order of the day. Many times people don’t get enough time to spend with their family or to do things that which does work as stress buster. According to previous findings, working mothers are more affected by stress than home makers and so more than 20% of the entire US population suffers from stress.

Now, stress leads to physical illness and so is one of the issues in an individual’s day-to-day life that needs professional help in the form of Individual Counseling Den Haag. Individual counseling aims to bring about a change in the mental state of an individual and improves the mental health so that people would feel better about their well being.


Some common problems under individual counseling

Some common issues which come under the purview of individual counseling are as follows:

  • Help needed with career planning
  • Lack of decision making ability
  • Lack of confidence
  • Sexual abuse or molestation
  • Addiction to pornography, drugs, or alcohol
  • Grief like failed relationship or bereavement of a loved one
  • Anxiety
  • Stress related disorder

There are certain concepts and techniques that when administered during counseling sessions shows some long lasting and speedy results. These techniques are given here under:

Being suggestive and not commanding

The counselor encourages the counselee to find solution to his/her issues. Here, the counselor doesn’t impose his/her personal opinion on the counselee.

Being empathetic and not sympathetic

The counselor determines the situation the counselee is into and then empathizes with his/her issue. This helps to boost up the confidence of the counselee and built up a professional yet transparent counselee-counselor relationship.

Seeing the ultimate goal

When it comes to couple therapy, the relationship is a continued one that is rewarding to all (the couple and the family in case of kids) is considered as the goal of therapy. In contrast, individual therapy considers the person in the room to be the client whether it is to end the relation or continue with it. This is said to be their ultimate goal.

The decision to enter into Couple Therapy Den Haag means that both partner do commit to explore the areas, pitfall, patterns of their relationship that they perceive as problematic or that in some way impede the development of a health satisfying relationship. There are times when couples lose sight of the glue that held then together or may find they’re growing in different direction having hard to adjust to the developmental stages of the changing life roles or relation.

The bottom line!

Couple therapy can be challenging and needs sincere commitment by the couple to engage in building solid foundation, exploring new patterns of relating, engage in direct conversation for the future. In case either of the couple is unwilling to pay lip service or undertake the work; the concept without real commitment to the process, the therapy becomes extremely unproductive ad challenging.

Finally, the success of couple therapy is not always measured by the decision to stay put, rather by the growing ability to know each other’s requirement and respond respectfully.

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