The True Challenge of the Architect: Create Projects with a Long Life Cycle

Posted by Rajesh Patel on November 9th, 2019

The rapid technological evolution has allowed us to find new and better ways of building, which increase the practicality in the installation of the work and expand the variety of materials that now offer not only texture and color but other benefits that add value to the building.

Encouraging the Architect to focus his new works towards a much more habitable environment, reaching to improve the good results of energy efficiency without sacrificing the greatness of the design that gives us his creative capacity. That is, the Architect is now due to the challenge of conceiving a holistic solution covering all aspects of architecture and understanding that the sculptural part of his work is only a component of everything that encompasses the work without being the least important.

The challenge

The global environment demands much more sustainable sites because of the climatic changes that the planet is suffering. The challenge of the Architect is to find the balance between an attractive design and a comfortable place with benefits that provide the use of fewer resources such as water and electricity. According to Architect Luis de Garrido (2010): “Sustainable Architecture is one that meets the needs of its occupants, at any time and place, without jeopardizing the well-being and development of future generations. Therefore, sustainable architecture implies an honest commitment to human development and social stability, using architectural strategies in order to optimize resources and materials; minimize energy consumption, promote renewable energy; minimize waste and emissions; minimize maintenance, functionality and price of buildings; and improve the quality of the occupants”.

More than a fashion, building with principles of sustainability leads us to be responsible Architects with both the environment and society. Having this more value to be the main foundation of an enduring, iconic work and to increase the quality of our own curriculum, turning our works into a legacy within the world of Architecture. These principles will dignify us as Architects.

Building with a double facade responds to the practice of developing design strategies to obtain a harmonious work with excellent climatic conditions. As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many envelopes in the market to solve the double facade without sacrificing the volume and geometry of the design. The cost? Influence many factors: both the same design, the solution of the fastening of the facade, the location of the project, size, conditions, etc. This can be high as part of the startup investment, but by calculating the savings that this solution will later provide for many years, the investment would be adequate, even exposing the true savings that it will really bring.

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