Treatment For Spider Veins

Posted by michellumb55 on November 9th, 2019

Spider veins are considered to be the blight in a woman's appearance.  When they start occurring during adulthood, they will bar a woman from displaying, some of her skin in short skirts or shorts. Besides the little embarrassments to young and mature women caused by spider veins, they may also age their leg skin to look 20 or 30 years older.

 Spider veins, which are a small type of varicose veins or telangiectasias, refer to extended blood vessels on the surface of the skin. The term "spider veins" used to signify their red and blue web-like appearance, which looks like a spider web. They often pronounced on women legs as they grow older, they may also appear on other parts and in men too.

 Varicose veins are usually brought by inelasticity of n your blood vessels, which results in swellings closer to the surface of the skin. This condition might be hereditary, but there are some developments, which are work-related. Modern technology and research have provided a way out for casualties of this condition. Generally, more women seek out these treatment options for their spider veins than men do.

 The Treatment

 For those who want to improve how their legs look, there are quite a good number of options to choose from, like:

  • Topical skin creams

 We have several over-the-counter creams, which claim to be effective in treating this condition. The main ingredients in these creams can strengthen or shrink engorged blood vessel tissue. These ingredients include; Vitamin K, Aloe Vera, theophylline and Horse Chestnut. Some users of these creams have positive feedbacks while others experience little improvement.

  • Laser Treatment 

Laser treatment uses focused light to kill veins and can be administered at a plastic surgery centre. Obliteration of the small veins will diminish further, without damaging nearby tissue. Laser treatment is a specialized method, which should be administered by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

  • Sclerosing Therapy

Sclerosing Therapy method entails injecting a concentrated saline solution into the affected veins.  Sclerosing therapy will break down the spider veins causing minimal without affecting the surrounding areas. However, there will be some pain and bruising later. This treatment should also be administered by an experienced and certified vein doctor NYC or a plastic surgeon.

  • Surgical removal

 Surgical removal is the best option for varicose veins that tend to be large and swollen. Such veins tend to cause intense pain that necessitates urgent treatment. Being a surgical procedure, it must be done by a qualified physician only. Surgery is the only alternative for removing painful or irksome veins but not preferred for spider vein treatment.

The process of vein removal is usually referred to as "sclerotherapy". The use of focused intensified light on the problematic area can eliminate the issue with few negative effects. The other option will be using the Sclerosing solution, which collapses the problematic veins making. It will be prudent to consult an established vein treatment doctor, to evaluate the side effects and other complications. The cost should also be evaluated to settle for affordable treatment.

 It is 100% true that cosmetic procedures are used for vanity or luxury purposes. The affected veins can cause pain, discomfort, stress, depression and low self-esteem. Visiting a vein treatment clinic new york forspider vein treatment is the only way to curb this discomfort.

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