Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Brings Excellent Results

Posted by michellumb55 on November 9th, 2019

Apart from being unpleasant to look at, Varicose veins are also painful. In addition to this, they may result in other health complications. If you are looking for treatment options for yourself or a loved one, you may want to consider sclerotherapy. The practice has been used to treat the disease from as far back as the 19th century.

You may be asking yourself what sclerotherapy is. Your questions are valid. The therapy involves injecting a solution that has a high amount of salts to the suffering veins. The effect and result are that the blood vessel sticks together after the solution irritates them. Finally, the blood inside the vessels will clot. Given time, the whole thing turns into a scar tissue, which for one is not visible on the surface of the skin. It is a go-to treatment option since it does not involve surgery and the results are effective. It gets rid of varicose veins without the help of lasers.

Find an excellent vein treatment clinic NJ or a dermatologist if you want to undergo is treatment. Talking to such a specialist and hearing them out will assist you in knowing if you can be a candidate for this procedure. Typically, pregnant women and individuals with a history of blood clots cannot undergo the process. A specialist like this one will also go through your medical history to determine whether you are a viable candidate. The veins may be needed later for use by a cardiologist if you have ever undergone heart surgery so you cannot be a good candidate for sclerotherapy.

The curiosity of what to expect when you receive vein treatment centre sd for the first time is reasonable. First, remember that it is not surgery, so there is no need for anaesthetic. The needle used to perform the injection is a tiny one. You will probably feel mild cramping or discomfort around the area under treatment. Your doctor will choose the number of veins to treat in one session. A single session usually takes around 30 minutes to finish. After the procedure, it is the expectation of the doctor that you will avoid exercising for a few days so that you give time for your veins to heal.

Sclerotherapy is a very convenient vein treatment option with very few and mild side effects. The skin around the point of injection may become red or itchy, but this will go away in a week. Bruising may occur, but it usually heals entirely after some time. Brown lines or spots near veins eventually fade. Lumpiness or hardening of veins may happen, but this too is temporary. The only time that you should be a little worried is if after treatment you notice ulcers swellings around the injection site or inflammation near your groin. Consult your vein center new york doctor in such cases.


Overall, sclerotherapy is an excellent treatment option for you to get your legs looking as you have wished them to look. It will leave your legs looking good forever.

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