Varicose Veins Treatment: On The Road To Recovery

Posted by michellumb55 on November 9th, 2019

Getting spider vein treatment NYC is not the end of the journey. There are certain things that you need to keep doing after you receive treatment. For example, you need to take painkillers to ease any pain you will feel the first few days after treatment. You may feel clumsy or disoriented during the first day after treatment, a side effect of anaesthesia. Take the first day after treatment as an off day where you rest to avoid exerting yourself both mentally and physically.

If you chose surgery as your preferred treatment option, you would be bandaged up in the groin, and the dressing will need to be redone after 24 hours. All these are things you should expect as you recover after your treatment. The paper strip dressing under the bandage should be removed after ten days. The treatment center you choose will instruct you to go for a checkup as a follow-up procedure, one month after the surgery. In case you feel, there is a problem you can contact the doctors before they reach you.

The first few days of recovery will not feel like the normal days that you had before the procedure. You can do a few tasks that are not so involving. After one week of recovery, you can do more involving tasks like driving. After two weeks of treatment, you can engage in tasks that require physical energy. You can even go back to work after two weeks as long as your job does not need you to complete heavy duties. If your work is so physically involving or too manual, considering a whole month before your resume is not a bad idea.

Sometimes the treatment and recovery process may not be a smooth path. The complications that result from the treatment of varicose veins is about 17%. These include

  • Bruising and swelling of the treated area if the veins were large
  • Since treatment may cause wounds, wound infection may sometimes occur
  • Suffering or feeling numb. It usually subsides and ends after two or three months so be patient if this is the complication you are experiencing.

The above complications are minor and with the right care and focus, you will be able to heal even from these in no time. Have a positive mind frame and make sure that you notice the improvements you make every day. The severe complications are about 1 %. These usually involve the clot form veins travelling to the lungs or heart, a hazardous occurrence. Patients are typically given guidelines on how to prevent and avoid this. Your spider vein treatment NYC doctor will advise you to be as mobile as possible after treatment. This ensures that blood keeps pumping well throughout the body. To prevent this also, the doctor may prescribe to you blood thinners whose function is to prevent blood clots from forming.

It is important that you choose a vein treatment center new jersey center that is best for your situation and needs. You can pick one that offers sclerotherapy services or one that specializes in laser therapy.

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