How To Protect Yourself From Vashikaran And Black Magic

Posted by Amit on November 9th, 2019

Do you feel that you are not getting enough sleep? Do you see strange nightmares? Is everyone notifying the changes in your personality? This is nothing but due to the malefic tantras. Although the black magic and vashikaran are not always bad, you need to protect yourself and your family to prevent any disasters of the same.

Here is the list of some key ingredients that you must take care to prevent the vashikaran. As per the Vashiakaran , mark a few things in your surrounds –



Haldi clothes

Haldi function of any wedding is very special and so as the cloth too. Do not throw the cloth one has worn in his or her own haldi ceremony. Otherwise, the spell can be done through the cloth.

Intimate wears

This often happens with girls when they forget to pick their drying intimate wears after hanging them outside. The vashikaran can be done with these to possess you.

Wedding headdress

As far as wedding is concerned, the wedding headdress is an important asset that can be handled carefully. This can be used for vashikaran and black magic.


Your broken hair can lead you to the worse situations of life. Before throwing your broken hair away from your comb, you need to think twice. The vashikaran done with broken hair can make you slave for life. Blow on you broken hair for 7 times to prevent the spells.


Never leave your sindoor outside as you need to take care of your sindoor in concern to prevent the black magic on your husband-wife relationship. This can even create a breach in your married life.


A sacred thread with black pearls ties your married life. This is a lovely and blessed thread to bind two together. This can even turn into the malefic asset through some black magic on it.

Wedding bangles

Wedding bangles are very important for a bride. You need to take care of those bangles as if some person finds the blangles and does some black magic, it can be proved harmful for you and your married life too. 

Clothes with blood

One needs to be very careful with the clothes hanving blood. Black magic can be done on your clothes that can destroy your entire life with vashikaran. Therefore you should burn the clothes.

Black magic or  can be done with many sources. You need to be very careful with your personal entities as any tiny thing can bring disasters for your life. Additionally, some black magic or vashikaran techniques do not leave the soul, even after death. The same is carried to the next birth also. Proper maintenance or repairment becomes necessary.

Final words

Black Magic or  is meeting with many people who are tackling such situations in life. Many people struggle with some malefic spell. But if you are taking every step carefully, none can harm you!  

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