Quick Guidance on Operating the Insulation Blowing Machines

Posted by Johnny Baker on November 9th, 2019

If you are new to insulation business then you must have a question in mind – how to use an insulation blowing machine. Well, let me tell you that it’s not a rocket science to operate and insulation machine and with some guidance you too will be able to operate the machine effectively. Actually blowing machines are used for blown insulation in attics or exterior walls for creating thermostatic environment inside the homes. This thermostatic environment keeps the temperature static inside the homes and it also prevents the pollutants and infected agents from entering the home.

At the first place you should know the classifications of blown insulation – primarily there are cellulose insulation, fiberglass and spray foam insulation. This classification is based on the insulation material used for insulation installation. While cellulose is a recycled material and it can again be recycled after the removal, the fiberglass and spray foam aren’t. And spray foam proves to be the costliest among these three insulation materials. And that is the reason that cellulose insulation blowers   are highly popular and are in demand but the capacity of these blowers is low than other two blowers.

On the other hand fiberglass is a plastic material obtained through the glass fiber. Although fiberglass is quick and effective type of insulation but if it gets torn out or damaged then the fibers may dissolve in the internal air and may cause breathing problems. Fiberglass insulation blowers   can blow almost the double material within the same time as compared to the cellulose blowers. Spray foam is a good option here but many consumers don’t prefer this type of blown insulation due to its cost.

Next thing is the fueling these machines. Most of the insulation machines use electricity, gas and diesel as fuel; however, there are some other fuels available for fueling the insulation machines as well. The insulation machines made for the Do It Yourself homeowners are generally electric machines which may be operated through domestic electricity; however, the commercial machines use gas or diesel as fuel.

Another important factor is the productivity of the insulation machines. The top quality machines such as cool insulation blowing machines offer better productivitythan other machines available in the market.

About us:- The productivity is measured in terms of fuel consumed, number of bags blown per hour as well as time and labor cost investment in completing the insulation job.

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