Removing the Insulation from Attic with Care

Posted by Piter Johnson on November 10th, 2019

Insulation is being used by the homeowners from decades in order to stay safe from the ruthless effects of extremely harsh weather conditions. But due to some unavoidable reasons we have to perform spot on or complete insulation removal and if you have to remove insulation from attic then it may take quite a good time. Well, here are few important tips to make your job easy:

So we know something beforehand such as the root cause of the contamination – it may be rodents waste, or mold or spot damage. One more thing to know here is the presence of asbestos. Although after applying all the precautions you can remove insulation by yourself through CoolVac insulation removal vacuums   but if there is asbestos present then it’s suggested to hire the professionals for the job.

Well, let’s talk about the precautions in details first. Most important thing here is the vacuum you are using. Vacuum must be of the best quality having powered through approx 15 to 30 horse powers as per the requirement of the job; you can opt for the cool insulation removal vacuums   for removal job as they are highly safe to work with while generating heavy power for sucking off the old insulation.

Protection is the next important step you should properly take the notice of. So, before starting the job cover up yourself with Goggles, protection clothes as well as effective respirator to stay safe from contamination or infections. Now you should cover up the working area tightly with the help of plastic sheets while tapping all the sides and corners in order to prevent the waste particles spreading into the air inside the home.

If the attic is the way too small to move on easily then just tie up the vacuum with the help of a rope and when you start the vacuum then just keep pulling the removal vacuum in your direction as the sucking and vacuuming process going on. Now always use durable insulation removal vacuum bags   for collecting the trash so that you can handle the contaminated trash material with care till disposing.  And when the job is done then disposes the trash bags safely.

About us:- But remember that the removal vacuum must be able to enough efficient so that it can suck off all the trash material and completely clean up the job area. And if you find that vacuums are costly then just search for insulation removal vacuum for sale.

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