Factors Aiding in Asia's Economy Growth

Posted by John on November 10th, 2019

Asia is one of the few continents full of endless resources such as wealth and a vast workforce. Also, the continent is being flooded with investors who are looking to suction huge profits from the continent. In today's piece, we are going to have a look at Asia's economy. Furthermore, we’ll also look at the reasons why the asia economic news is topping headlines in the business world.

Increased Urbanization Rate.

The pace at which Asian cities are urbanising is breathtaking. Asia is wiping out most of its decaying infrastructures to a more modernised version. Consequently, cities within the continent have taken a similar appearance to those in Europe. For instance, China’s capital, Beijing, has a well-developed transport system that provides a lucrative means of transporting goods and services. In addition, the city also has a more modernised housing system that provides housing for its surplus populations. Lastly, the metropolis has a more modernised healthcare system to care for its vast workforce. As a result, such factors moved the China economy growth rate to a more lucrative number than before.

Surplus Population Growth Rate.

Lastly, mega metropolises within Asia have already have developed to the unimaginable scale set by cities in Europe. Population wise, most of the megacities in Asia have surpassed most European cities by a stunning 50 million. As a result, this has offered Asia an endless supply of workforce for its upcoming industries. Asia’s population growth rate is remarkable, especially in urban areas with megacities within the continent, reporting a million-arrival weekly. As a result, the UN has concluded that most of Asia’s population will be living in cities come 2026.

Exposure to European countries.

Most countries within Asia are not only accessible but also exposed to the outside world. China, for instance, has hosted various international activities like the Dalian Marathon that attracted millions of tourists from the West. Also, the Tokyo Olympics that is yet to commence will make Asia a destination for millions from all over the world. As a result, this is likely to bring in investors who are willing to spend big in various sectors within the Asia Economy. Lastly, the involvement of the Asia fund investment team within the continent is likely to aid both foreign and non-foreign investors in making big decisions for their companies.


As seen above, Asia is not only urbanising but also full of endless wealth that will see the continent develop to a prime. As a result, most cities within the continent have set themselves big dogs within the global economy. On the contrary, Asia may tumble down economically if its resources are mismanaged by Asian asset managers. Besides mismanagement, factors such as crime, cyber-attacks, and internal wars within the continent are likely to diminish its economy. Nonetheless, if such misfits are to be curbed, then the continent is expected to blossom with juicy returns for its investors.

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