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Posted by Loanfront on November 10th, 2019

There are times when we all required some financial support immediately. The requirement may be to pay off some medical bills or a credit card bill to escape from hefty penalties. You may want to take the family on tour but need funds. These and many other expenses of urgent or regular nature can be met on the same day by taking out personal loans

Personal loans are offered in a hassle-free manner with no wasting of time in visiting a loan shop and waiting for your turn. You will also not undergo the hassles of arranging tons of papers. Every step you take to borrow funds is right from home using your mobile phone or desktop computer. Just visit the lender App to get the essential loan details, including eligibility and term & conditions. Then, use the same App site to apply for the loan. If you qualify, the lender will digitally send the cash in your bank account on the same day for any personal use.

A personal loan can fetch you sufficient cash for smaller or higher needs. This means that you can borrow to pay off a small grocery bill or a greater loan to enjoy a vacation tour with family. A typical range of cash under these loans is from Rs 2000 to Rs 200000. However, your monthly salary and overall repaying capacity will play a role in the approval of a loan amount that you applied for to meet your financial needs.

Note also that not everyone is eligible for personal loans. You must be an adult national of India and employed to qualify for the loan. There should also be an Aadhaar card and PAN card in your name to prove your nationality. The lenders also want you to have your Facebook/LinkedIn profile to further confirm your identity. You must be currently working and getting a steady monthly salary of no less than Rs 15000. 

Another key feature of personal loans is that the lenders do not usually make a detailed credit check for providing a smaller loan. This is because a smaller cash loan can always be repaid from the next paycheque or in more straightforward installments. The loan providers give a flexible period of 15 days to 180 days to repay the loan.

However, a disadvantage of these personal loans is their high-interest rates. The typical lender will offer you cash at 36 % or 3% per month. This may be expensive interest charges for the employed people who you get a smaller paycheque. Therefore you must repay the loan on the due date. Any delay in the repayment may be costly due to penalties. Another thing to note here is that repaying of the loan after the scheduled time will result in a lowering of your credit score and bad credit history. Therefore, make sure that you return the loan along with the interest charges without any delay

Overall, we can say that personal loans are your companion for cash to urgently pay some bills or to enjoy your life. While the approval comes instantly, make sure that the payment is on time to avoid heavy penalties.

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