How to remove Gmail account

Posted by Foxy clout on November 10th, 2019

Gmail in the other hand is an acronym for Google mail, this is the widest mailing platform in the whole universe, it's the most used Electronic mailing platform in United States, United Kingdom and many other countries.

How to Remove Gmail Account on Android

To this is very simple if you follow Our tips on How to temporarily Remove Gmail account on android here in this post.

To this simply;

  • Click on settings
  • Proceed to account
  • Navigate to Google
  • Select Gmail and tab on remove.


If you still have any issue on how to remove Gmail account on Android tab in the link above to read the full details of the article.


Before you deactivate Gmail you must first of all have an account in the platform because can't deactivate what you don't have so if you have an account and you wish to deactivate it follow our guidelines above we made it so simple and precise.

Common Reason Why People Deactivate their Gmail Account

There are numerous reasons why someone will wish to deactivate his or account temporarily or permanently, they includes;

  1. If the account have been hacked by fraudsters
  2. If the account is been sold, you need to remove the account in your android because having it your android is like not having it because the new buyer may change the password to his or her preferred password.

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