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By Eureka rivers (IDG)--Mobile-

Phone maker Sendo is preparing a deal with Europe and the United StatesS.

Mobile phone operators will launch the Z100 later this year, a combined phone

The company said on Friday that the PDA based on the Microsoft Windows Smartphone 2002 platform.

Hugh Brogan, chief executive officer of Sendo, said at a press conference here that the first batch of equipment is expected to be available in the second half of this year.

He declined to give the name of the operator who will provide the phones, but said the advanced phones \"will be in Spain very early, as well as France, the UK, and possibly Germany.

An agreement with the National People\'s Congress of the United StatesS.

He added that the operator \"will announce this week at the cellular telecom and Internet Association event in Florida.

Sendo Z100 is expected to become the first smartphone with Microsoft Windows operating system 2002-based, mobile-

Mobile phones and PDA on the market are mixed.

The only major mobile device in South Korea-Samsung Electronics

Handset makers are developing a phone that runs Microsoft software, saying this week that it will not release the phone until the fourth quarter.

Sources close to the company said Sendo would announce an agreement with the Spanish operator Telefonica M? ?

Viles, it shows the Z100 on the booth here.

But Mr. Brogan declined to comment, saying it was about to reach several deals with operators.

Brogan is back. \"no comment. \" when asked, it may involve Germany-

Mobile International, Orange in France and the United StatesS. -

Based on VoiceStream Wireless, all of these are named as possible Sendo Z100 partners.

Windows Smartphone 2002, formerly known as Stinger, competes with Symbian and Palm\'s mobile software platforms.

Sendo, Birmingham, England, was founded in 1999.

Microsoft bought less than 10 million of Sendo last year for $ 10%.

The Z100 is a GSM and GPRS device running on three frequency bands;

900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz.

Mobile phone, Heavy 3.

5 ounces, test 1. 9 x 4.

8 inch, can display 176x220 pixels TFT screen in 65,536 colors.

It is equipped with an unspecified amount of RAM and 32mb of flash memory.

The processing power of the Microsoft operating system is provided by the Texas Instruments ARM 9 core-Processor-based.

The standard battery will power the device 200 hours in standby mode, or the call time will be two hours.

It provides Secure Digital cards and multimedia slots for expansion.

Sendo said that, including subsidies for mobile operators, Z100 street prices will be around 2.

Although Sendo works closely with Microsoft, it does take its own approach to the market.

For example, Sendo adds support for Java in z100.

Java appears in many new phones, developed by Sun Microsystems, Microsoft\'s main competitor.

\"Microsoft is not a supporter of Java, [mobile phone]

Sendo Chief Executive Brogan said: \"The operator asked to do so . \"

\"We always wanted Java in our products.

\"While Microsoft does not include Java support in Windows-powered smartphones, Sendo adds a Java virtual machine to the Z100, which will allow the phone to run Java-

Apps that can be downloaded through the air.

Sendo began shipping phones to many carrier customers around the world in last May, not the Z100 model.

According to Brogan, the company, managed by a former executive at Koninklijke Philips Electronics, sold 500,000 units in 2001.

He said the goal this year is to sell \"millions of dollars \".

An analyst at the press conference was fascinated by Sendo, especially the z100.

\"I think the Z100 will be a successful phone, provided it is not wrong,\" said Paolo Mosole, an analyst at Intermonte Securities, an Italian brokerage firm . \".

\"Sendo shows a good, competitive product that I think will increase the market share of the company and they may have underestimated the demand.

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