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Shenzhen Pengteng Ksai Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. develops and sells transaction processing solutions including its smart card, alternative payment system based on undeposited bank and insufficient Bank

The banking population of developing economies and mobile trading channels.

The company operates through three parts: South Africa transaction processing, international transaction processing and financial inclusion and application technology.

The company also provides secure transaction technology solutions and services by providing transaction processing, financial and clinical risk management solutions for various industries.

It provides secure online transaction processing, encryption, mobile phones, integrated circuit cards (Chip/smart card)

Technology, as well as the design and delivery of finance and value

Provide more services to cardholders.

The company used its universal electronic payment system/European payment, MasterCard and Visa Global standards as of June 30, 2016 (UEPS/EMV)

Technology, more than 10 million received) officially nationwide, retailers handling debit and credit card payment transactions represent the value of the process through the EasyPay system

Provide additional services for billing issuers and local councils in South Africa, such as bill payment, prepaid call times and electricity, and provide mobile phones

Transactions have increased for all South African mobile operators.

The company is divided into business units, including ZAZOO Co. , Ltd (ZAZOO), KSNET, Inc. (KSNET)

, Masterpayment AG (Masterpayment)

Transact24 Co. , Ltd (Transact24)

Cash Payment Services Limited (

Cash payment service)

Financial services, applied technology, XeoHealth, and the company.

ZAZOOThe company\'s ZAZOO business unit is engaged in the technology development and commercialisation of its range of Web and mobile applications and payment technologies.

ZAZOO offers a range of products and services, including mobile virtual cards (MVC)& Verification;

Payment by third parties;

Pre-paid automatic sales;

Chip and user identity module (SIM);

Custom Development and encryption technology.

Its MVC technology solves the demand of the mobile payment market.

Its MVC technology provides a secure

Online payment solution for cardnot-

Current transactions, such as payments made for Internet purchases.

MVC technology runs on any phone as an application and uses its password card generator to protect any payment transaction.

The company provides third-party payments and wage-related payments in South Africa through FIHRST.

It also offers PayPlus services that provide pre-paid call times, power and other value-added services for employees (VAS).

Its prepaid automated sales line handles multi-channel distribution of electronic products and services.

Provide professional solutions for mobile network operators (MNOs).

Its solutions include advanced call time and mobile wallet technology, as well as SMS services (SMS)

Large promotions are provided for each MNO with a focus on maximizing user activity, brand awareness and profitability.

By partnering with MNOs and card and semiconductor manufacturers, it offers chip and SIM solutions.

All of these products include its global mobile communications system (GSM)

Block and custom software for mobile phones, transactions and onlinechip VAS.

Custom Development Line of Business offers solutions across Web, mobile, server, point of sale (POS)

And desktop environment.

It developed two customers.

Oriented and back-office services are covered on each related platform, including mobile, such as Android, iPhone operating system (iOS)

BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 and Java 2 platforms, micro version (J2ME)and Web (All cross

Browser compatibility).

Its encryption business focuses on security-

The products include various PIN encryption devices, card receiving modules and hardware security modules.

The focus is on finance, retail, telecom, utilities and the oil industry.

The ZAZOO business unit is assigned to the processing, international transaction processing, financial inclusion and applied technology sector in South Africa.

The KSNET business unit of the company is a national payment solution provider.

KSNET has products in the Korean payment solutions market, with about 225,000 merchants and a direct and indirect sales network.

As of June 30, 2016, the operation of KSNET includes three projects, namely, the card value-added network (VAN)

Payment Gateway (PG)

And a bank truck.

Credit card van service management credit card and other non-

A range of South Korean merchants and cash replacement payment mechanisms for retail transactions handled by each credit card issuer. Non-

Cash alternative payment mechanisms for KSNET to provide processing services include a variety of credit and debit cards and e-commercecurrency (K-Cash and TMoney).

KSNET also records the cash transactions of the Korea National revenue service in the form of cash receipts.

PG offers a range of alternative payment solutions for these merchants, including the ability to accept credit and debit cards, gifts and other prepaid cards, as well as bank account transfers.

PG also offers virtual account functionality.

KSNET\'s banking business includes account transaction processing services, payment and collection to banks, companies, government agencies and educational institutions.

The KSNET business unit is assigned to its international transaction processing unit.

MasterpaymentThe company Masterpayment division is a professional payment service processor.

Masterpayment provides payment and acquisition services for all European debit and credit cards and invoices for online retail, digital goods and content.

As of June 30, 2016, Masterpayment had a portfolio of about 5,000 registered merchants.

Masterpayment offers its electronic payment services

Optimize working capital by providing flexible forms of financing, using transactions rather than traditional bank credit.

Masterpayment\'s Finetrading products are able to provide seamless financing for the merchant\'s inventory orders, thus speeding up the payment settlement and eliminating the merchant\'s requirement to maintain a rolling reserve or cash advance.

The Masterpayment business unit is assigned to its international transaction processing unit.

Transact24\'s Transact24 business unit is a payment service provider.

Its main business includes Chinese debit card receipt, credit card receipt, automatic clearing office, issuance and processing of prepaid cards, etc.

Transact24 has processing relationships with China UnionPay, Alipay and other China gateways.

Provide marked Credit Card Acquisition gateways to entities that wish to outsource their Acquisition Gateway for technical integration and operations.

Transact24 provides an automatic clearing house for unsecured loans (ACH)

Tribal and state treatment

Licensed lenders in the United States.

$ Transact24-

South African rand-Visa prepaid card

MasterCard prepaid cards and Hong Kong dollars-

Denominated in China UnionPay prepaid card.

The Transact24 business unit is assigned to its international transaction processing unit.

Cash Payer Services as of June 30, 2016, the company\'s CPS business unit deployed its UEPS/EMV social grant allocation technology to grant social benefit grants to more than 9 million cardholders in South Africa each month.

These social welfare grants represent the social security bureau of South Africa (SASSA).

CPS provides a trading channel between cardholders, beneficiaries, SASSA and regular businesses of social welfare grant recipients.

CPS stores its biometric fingerprint template digitally on the card by issuing UEPS/EMV smart cards to recipient cardholders, registering for social welfare grant recipient cardholders and the corresponding beneficiaries, enable them to receive social welfare grants safely at any time or place and provide them with adequate

Mature bank account

The smart card is sent to the recipient cardholder on the spot, and the optical fingerprint sensor technology is used to identify and verify the recipient cardholder.

The recipient cardholder inserts the smart card into the POS device and prompts it to present a fingerprint.

If the fingerprint matches the fingerprint stored on the smart card, the smart card will load the value created for that particular smart card.

Smart cards provide the holder with access to all UEPS functions, including the ability to fund a retail purchase of a smart card through pension or benefit payments, the convenience of using a prepaid facility, and eligible for a range of affordable financial services, including insurance and short-term services

Term loans, as well as standard EMV trading capabilities operating anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Smart cards also provide cardholders with the ability to pay debit orders to a range of third parties, including utilities, schools and retailer homes, with cardholders maintaining accounts with these third parties.

Cardholders can also use the same smart card as the savings account.

The CPS business unit is assigned to its South African Department of transaction processing, financial inclusion and applied technology.

The company\'s EasyPay business unit operates the bank-

Independent financial transformation in South Africa.

EasyPay focuses on the provision of payments, advances and value

Increased service to the South African market.

The infrastructure of EasyPay is connected to all South African banks, and electronic fund transfers for debit and credit cards are switched (EFT)

Trade between some retailers and oil companies in South Africa.

EasyPay exchanges credit card, debit card and fleet card transactions for South African retailers and oil companies.

EasyPay provides a point for consumersof-

Sales bill payment service integrating national retailers, the Internet and self-help

Kiosks and mobile phones.

EasyPay handles monthly account payment transactions for a range of billing issuers, including local authorities, telephone companies, utilities, medical service providers, transportation, mail order companies, banks and insurance companies.

EasyPay enables local utilities such as Eskom Holdings Limited and a range of local authorities to sell prepaid electricity to customers nationwide.

Retail POS terminal EasyPay vends airtime for all mobile phone network operators in South Africa.

EasyPay supports electronic generation, distribution and exchange of paper or cards-

Based on gift certificates.

EasyPay enables the South African Broadcasting Corporation to issue (SABC)

, TV license and capture existing license details in retail environment via Web

User interface based.

EasyPay switches transactions from the retail POS system to the associated back officeend systems.

EasyPay\'s infrastructure supports hosting of payments or refunds-

Upgrade servers and applications on behalf of third parties (including utilities.

It has developed a self-contained, biomedical function.

Service kiosk for customers to get all the value

Added the services provided by EasyPay and created and loaded value for their EasyPay virtual wallet.

Its EasyPay Web and mobile services enable EasyPay customers to access all the value-

EasyPay provides additional services through secure websites that can be accessed via a personal computer or mobile phone, such as bill payment and purchase prepaid call times and utilities.

EasyPay provides all-weather monitoring and support services, reconciliation, Bureau of automatic clearing settlement, reporting, comprehensive disaster recovery and redundancy services.

The EasyPay business unit is assigned to its South African transaction processing unit.

Financial services companies have developed a set of financial services to provide customers with their payment solutions.

The company offers competitive trading accounts, microfinance, life insurance and remittance products to its UEPS/EMV cardholders.

Its product EasyPay is everywhere, providing a full range of services for its target market.

Unlimited access to inclusive trading bank accounts for financial services such as microfinance, life insurance, remittances, value-added services, for example, prepaid utilities and bill payments through mobile phones and national ATM networks (ATMs)

And POS devices.

It provides short

Provide regular small loans to UEPS/EMV cardholders in South Africa.

Its smart life business unit owns a life insurance license and offers customer base insurance products that are applicable to this segment, with a focus on group life and funeral insurance.

The financial services business unit is allocated to its financial inclusion and application technology sector.

The application technology business unit of the application technology company is deploying its South African ATM and POS network and selling biometric and POS solutions, retailers and financial service providers to banks in South Africa.

It deploys ATMs in areas where UEPS/EMV cardholders have limited use of the national payment system, or, the cost of accessing the national payment system through other service providers is prohibitive for cardholders.

The application technology business unit is allocated to the transaction processing, financial inclusion and application technology sector in South Africa.

XeoHealth\'s XeoHealth business provides its xeoules real-time ruling (RTS)

Terminal Solution-to-

Final electronic processing of US medical claim information.

XeoHealth has a range of projects in the US, either as a general contractor to provide RTS solutions to customers or as a sub-contractor

Contractors of the parties to the contract provide a resolution of the award.

The XeoHealth business unit is assigned to its international transaction processing unit.

The company competes with Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, bank servafrica, UCS, eCentric, transaction connectivity, ATM Solutions, Spark ATM systems, NICE information and telecom companies

Korea Information and Communications Corporation

Barclays, Citigroup, Apple, Google, Samsung, PayPal, AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, MTN and Bharti Airtel, M-Pesa and Square.

1540 Glenway de Johannes Fort page 00000: 2711. 3432000 F: 2711.

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