Detailed explanation of Zhejiang Hammer Crusher Chuck Solution

Posted by xuanxuan geng on November 11th, 2019

The sandstone factory in summer is the real peak of the summer heat. Under such weather conditions, the frequency of failure of crusher equipment is much higher, mostly because the weather is too hot, causing the high temperature operation of the crusher equipment plus the crusher equipment. The inspection of the maintenance personnel was not in place. Today, the solution for the hammer hammer chuck of Zhejiang Hammer Crusher is solved!
The cause of the vibration caused by the hammer crusher is generally the occurrence of cracks on the foundation, the loosening of the anchor bolts, the wear of the bearings, and the breakage of individual hammerheads to cause the crusher to lose balance and generate vibration. The maintenance personnel checked the above problems: although there were cracks in the basic part, the anchor bolts were not loose or broken. The two rolling bearings have no internal and outer ring phenomena, and the clearances are 0.6mm and 0.18mmmm respectively. Although the clearance is large, it is impossible to cause such a large vibration. The weight of the hammerhead is in accordance with the requirements of the specification. The hammer of the crusher is slightly worn and uniform, and there is no broken hammer. All of the above cases are excluded. For further inspection, during the process of turning the rotor, it is checked whether the hammer of the crusher is stuck in the hammer plate and cannot work, thereby causing a change in the radius of gyration, and the rotor loses the dynamic balance and causes vibration. The reason for the card hammer is due to the wear of the hammer plate. Due to the wear of the hammer disc, the error width of the hammer head is not equal, so the crusher is seriously out of balance, causing severe vibration during operation.
In order to prevent the hammer of the crusher from being caught in the hammer plate, a steel plate of 40 mm × 40 mm thickness of 20 mm is first processed, and then four steel plates are welded at the position of each hammer head. It must be noted that the hammer of the crusher cannot be restrained in the direction of rotation of the hammer, and there is a certain room for movement, basically ensuring that the inner arc of the hammer of the crusher is tangent to the outer circle of the hammer of the crusher, thus ensuring The hammer head is not stuck, and it can ensure that the crusher hammer has a certain buffer during the crushing process, reducing the impact on the crusher equipment.

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