Here’s How to Get the Best Trademark Logo for Your Business

Posted by tmexpress on November 11th, 2019

You've created a logo to identify your business. Before distributing your logo out into the world, you need to apply for a trademark and think about how to protect you and your business with the right use of the trademark law. The conversion from idea to activity, from configuration to mark, is a pivotal one. We answer the main inquiries regarding trademarking a logo: 

Here’s how to get the best trademark for your business: 

 A trademark protects a slogan, phrase, word, company name, logo, or design that identifies a company from being used by someone else. A trademark can take many shapes, as long as the mark you want to protect is distinctive. It can take almost any form as it identifies and distinguishes your business from any others.  

The public should recognize your trademark as an identifier of your product. A classic trademark example is the Nike swoosh symbol. When you see that logo on a pair of shoes or apparel, you instantly recognize it as a Nike product.

Another example of a trademark is with the Adidas company. They use three stripes consisting of three parallel lines, which are typically featured along the side of Adidas shoes and apparel. If a company begins selling shoes with a logo similar to the Adidas company, people may think those shoes are also Adidas shoes. Not only does Adidas lose money from a lost sale, but they also lose confidence from their customers, if the other similar products are of lower quality. The law states that your trademark is infringed upon when another company’s branding is so similar that it confuses consumers. Those companies who infringe upon another companies’ logo must stop using the similar trademark.

Your logo becomes a trademark when it appears on labels, packaging, or a product. The public then recognizes the company behind that particular combination of shapes, colors, and design. 

Imagine you see a sign with another company's logo; you probably are picturing that particular company's products (also trademarked) or similar products sold at that particular business. That is another way to confuse consumers and therefore, protect businesses from this kind of infringement. 

The point of a trademark is to distinguish your business from the others. Don’t throw your new logo out there without protecting it. You can protect yourself by locking down your new identity with a trademark. It might take a little bit more work, but it will be worth it once your brand becomes an industry leader.

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