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Types of staircases that are in demand

Posted by sunlightstair on November 11th, 2019

Every two-story home requires stairs. It not only adds space to the bedroom but also improves the outlook of the home. There are various kinds of stairs available in the market.

Fancy Staircase

Mississauga stairs offer you fancy stairs to give your home a new look. Contrary to popular belief, these staircases are functional and redefine the personality of the owner. What distinct the basic staircases from the fancy stair case is its design, shape and its step size.

Plain staircases

Plain staircase is utilitarian and is used by most of the people. Though it may look mundane but it is still in trend for the basement or for the back of the house. Plain staircases doesn’t have straight steps, instead, it is divided into various steps. For example, there would be 5 steps and then you have to climb some more steps and then the other five steps.

Statement piece stair case

Mississauga stairs also offer you with statement piece staircase. This staircase is made with natural materials like that of hardwood or any kind of real stone staircase that looks aesthetically well and you don’t need to incur high maintenance cost. Initially, it may pinch your pocket, but you can be sure of its durability.

How to buy a staircase?

Whether you need a spiral staircase or statement staircase, it will depend upon the space. For example, a spiral staircase might occupy less space and can give your home a new look but it is not desirable if you kids at home. Staircase safety is one of the important concerns that you need to factor before buying a staircase. According to the reports of the National Safety Council, an NGO in Itasca falling from the staircase is one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths. To minimize accidents, hand-rails should be added to both the sides of the staircase. The tripping obstacles like shoes, suitcase, should be kept away from the stairs. There should be proper lighting arrangements too. If your children are too hard to handle, you can even add gates at the bottom and top of the staircase. You should never jump over the staircase.

Another factor that you need to keep in mind before buying stairs in Mississauga is whether you would love to stay in this home or do you wish to sell it in the long term. If your objective is to sell your home, it is important to buy a staircase that is spacious and functional.

The third factor to consider is the place where you are installing the staircase; this means you need to make a good judgment whether the staircase needs to be installed outside or indoors.

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