Some Unknown Myths Regarding Hookah Smoking Culture

Posted by myhookah on November 11th, 2019

From the ages, hookah has been broadly associated with fun and leisurely activities. This very old tradition has been gaining huge popularity among the youngsters these days. Young people are indulging themselves in this activity without realizing the real nature and impact of this habit on their lifestyles.

So, if you have been approached by your friends to participate in this activity or you are interested in visiting on tobacco inhaling joint, then you need to first of all clear a few myths related to the subject. Once you have got complete knowledge only then you should participate in such kind of activities.

Myth 1. It same as vaping

It is an activity where tobacco is smoked in an intricate setup in which heated tobacco smoke passes through the cool water to reach the smoke via a water pipe structure for inhaling. This is usually a group activity which is shared among the group of people thus it is turning out to be one of the best social gatherings events for youngsters these days. On the contrary, vaping is smoking e-cigarettes which are designed for individual use only by burning nicotine and other intoxicating substances at high temperatures to provide vapors.

Myth 2. It has no harmful effects

If you are under the impression that this type of smoking doesn't have any kind of negative impact on your health, then you are thinking very wrong. The toxic substances burned to produce gas can increase the risk of several health-related disorders for you. The major health problems include cough, respiratory problems, lung diseases and disorders related to fertility. It is also noted that babies born to women constantly using this smoking technique weigh less and have a high risk of respiratory diseases.

Myth 3. It is not as dangerous as smoking

Numerous people think that hookah smoke is cooled after passing through water so it not as dangerous as cigarette smoke. Now, this is just a myth created to justify the action of smoking because, in reality, the charcoal used for producing heat to burn tobacco contains a great health risk. It produces toxic substances and gases like carbon monoxide, metals and other carcinogenic chemicals which can increase the risk of cancers and heart problems just as much as cigarette smoking.

Myth 4. Herbal or natural flavored smoking is healthy

It has been said by numerous people that when herbal substances are burnt instead of tobacco, then it has a good impact on your health. But, once again it is a myth because when any substance is burned, then the final result is going to be carbon monoxide and toxic gases which are going to harm your health in some way.

Myth 5. It doesn’t affect other

The smoke produced using this style of smoking will also impact other people similar to the smoke produced by smoking. It releases toxic gases and fine particles in the air which are very dangerous for the people who are sitting around. Even if you aren’t using tobacco, but the impact of the smoke particles released is going to be the same.

So, before trying this new but old style of smoking make sure to clear all your myths and doubts, otherwise, you will welcome lots of unnecessary health problems in your life.

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