The sustainable benefits of LED lighting

Posted by basshopper on November 11th, 2019

The lighting in many Dutch houses is not nearly as sustainable or energy-saving as many people think. Despite the light bulb ban from 2009, you can still buy light bulbs (there is a loophole) and many households use this. Furthermore, people only switch to other lighting when the lamps really break down and, moreover, they often still do not choose the most energy-efficient and sustainable lighting that is available. Why is it so difficult for many consumers to switch to LED lighting ? And what are the benefits if you do it? The experts at put it in a row.

Light color
lamp1The first thing that many people worry about when they think about switching to LEDs is the light color. The first generation of LEDs usually had a cold-white or even bluish tint, making the light particularly uncomfortable. The light was therefore not suitable for indoor use and was therefore rarely used. Fortunately, that has changed over the years: modern LED lighting is also available in warm white and yellowish hues, which are very similar to the old-fashioned incandescent lamp lighting. As a result, you hardly notice any difference in light color anymore and the house is simply cozy with LED lighting. Nowadays you also have beautiful hanging lamps with LED lighting.

Light intensity
What applied to the light color, initially also applied to the light intensity. LEDs are many times more efficient at converting power to light, making the light production better. As a result, the first generation of LED lighting was pretty bright and actually had the effect of installing a small spotlight. This problem has since also been solved: you can now buy them with all kinds of different light intensities, which is indicated in the amount of lumen that the lamp spreads.

Purchase of the lamp
LEDs are relatively expensive to purchase: a good LED lamp can easily cost 10 euros. While you only paid around 70 cents for a light bulb! Is it so advantageous to switch to LED lighting if you pay so much more for it? Certainly, because an LED lamp lasts many times longer. On average you have to replace a light bulb about 50 times before your first LED light needs to be replaced. A simple calculation shows that an LED lamp is therefore considerably cheaper in the long-term purchase price!

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The most important question about LED lighting is of course: how sustainable is LED lighting? How much power can you save with an LED lamp compared to an incandescent lamp? An average LED lamp uses around 5 watts per hour, while a light bulb uses 60 watts. This is therefore a 55 Watt difference per hour.


Environmental impact
If you can save around 25 kWh per year on your power consumption, then count how many lamps you actually have in your home. The saving can increase considerably if you replace several lamps with LED lighting. This provides considerable relief from the environmental impact that your household will cause. Due to the sustainability, economy and efficiency of LED lighting, you can not only save a lot of money, but it is also a considerable burden on the environment.

We saw that the reason people do not switch to LED lighting so quickly is mainly due to prejudices, caused by the problems that the first generations of LED lighting had. The relatively high purchase price is also often a threshold, because it costs quite a bit of money to switch to LED lighting in your house in one go. Yet a simple calculation shows that, thanks to the saving on electricity costs and the longer lifespan, you can recoup these expenses in the relatively short term. In addition, it is of course also possible to gradually switch to LED lighting, because you really do not immediately have to replace all the lamps in the house. If you switch to LED lighting, then that is a good choice for your wallet and for the environment!

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