What Factors Affect the Cost of Car Transportation in India?

Posted by Movingsolutionsindia on November 11th, 2019

Do you want to get your car transported to a new location? If yes then you should hire the industry's best packers and Movers Company. Moving a car is highly challenging, as you cannot drive 1000 miles all by yourself. You can move it only with a professional help and assistance. Generally, a household goods mover company does not move cars but you can still find a moving company that offers car transportation services as well. Whether you are transporting your car to any major city or a rural area, there are certain factors that will affect the prices of moving.
Discussed below are some of the major factors. Let's see how they affect the prices of car transportation in India.

Important factors affecting the cost of car transportation

Distance and location- The distance of your destination location from the source location does matter when it comes to the calculation of car transportation charges. If the car has to travel more miles then the prices will be more. Also, the location matters. It should not be a surprise for you if you end up paying more for moving into a rural town which is just a few kilometers away. Since the moving truck will have to leave the highway and take the crowded and longer routes, the prices can go higher when compared to moving to a major city connected through expressway & highway.

Car's condition- Be prepared to pay more if your car is in an inoperative condition. A bad conditioned car will take much of efforts and manpower to be loaded onto the moving truck unlike the healthy car that can be loaded smoothly. An operative car can be driven onto the carrier easily and loaded but an inoperative one will have to be towed.

Type of vehicle- If you have a small sedan that is to be transported then prices would be less as compared to moving a mini truck or a big sized car. To cover the same distance only, the prices will be different as the size and weight of the vehicle will differ. For example, if you are paying 0 for a small sedan then you might have to end up paying 00 for a pick-up truck.

Modifications-The modifications of your car will also affect the prices. If you have modified the wheels and have fitted the larger wheels then it is sure that the overall weight of the vehicle will increase and you will have to pay more. In addition to this, the ground clearance of the cars also affect the prices. You must know that many movers refuse to move cars that have ground clearance of less than 4 inches. So, you need to check the same with the hired packers and movers in Pune.

Season of move- If you are moving in the peak season then the prices are relatively going to be higher as compared with the off-season. This happens due to the supply and demand of the moving industry. If the demand is more, the prices will be higher. Thus, it is better to move in winters because then the demand is less and supply is more and better. You should choose the time of moving very wisely and smartly.

Loaded items in car- If you have stuffed your car with your personal belongings then the weight of the car is going to increase and so will be the prices. Many times, customers take advantage of the space in the car and stuff in their household goods without realizing that it will affect the prices of moving. If you do not mind paying more and wish to move your goods along with your car then you should make the most of the car's space.

You must know that finding a reputed packers and movers Pune to Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Thane can be a difficult task. But to find one, you can just browse through the internet and check out the brands that come on the top results. The right keywords that you can use to find a logistics company are packers and movers, best packers and movers, moving services in India, car transportation company and others.

You can also add the name of the location in which you want to hire the movers. It will give you sorted, accurate and best results. You can even go through the customer testimonials of the shortlisted packers and movers company. Also, these moving companies provide insurance facility which will keep you away from any financial losses occurred due to damage caused to your car while it is being transported.
So, hire the best moving company and get your car transported to a new location safely and smoothly. Move safely!

Author Bio:- Sunita has written about cost of car transportation in India. She loved to write article based on day to day life, which is necessary to know every one. Today she write about packers and movers.

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