What are the skills of printed packaging?

Posted by sere on November 11th, 2019

What are the skills of printed packaging?

First of all,it is base material "blowout". This problem usually appears when custom packaging supplies soft package pearlescent printing. If the soft package on the use of pearlite ink, you have to use finer particles of pearlite pigment, and the use of gravure, but because the soft package of the substrate is relatively thin, gravure printing pressure is larger, burst problem is relatively difficult to control. 

Second, printed packaging paper deformation. When using infrared drying or making pearly printed packaging products naturally dry, the paper of soft package of is easy to deform, and the process control is difficult. But printing gold, silver card paper is much better, quantitative paper is more suitable for the use of printed packaging. 

The third is whether the product has an odor. Printed packaging have strict requirements on the smell. The smell of pearlescent pigment itself is not big, but sometimes because of the adjustment of pearlescent ink is bad, resulting in a product produced by the peculiar smell is larger. This problem can be effectively avoided by improving the ink and printing equipment.

Fourth, the color difference of printed packaging matter.

1. Due to the difference in particle size of pearlescent pigments, it will be difficult to control the color difference in the printing process. When using screen printing, it must be fine particles of pearl pigment transfer through the screen to the substrate, and the coarse particles are stuck in the screen, so as the printing process, the particles of pigment more and more, the color of the printed matter will be more printing light, resulting in color difference.

2. Viscosity, the printing viscosity of color matching of ink factory should be consistent with the printing viscosity when printing this ink, the farther the difference between the two, the bigger the color difference of the package. Ink factory color with 22s, and the customer with 35s, at this time the color must be much darker, and much lighter. Some ink factory does not pay attention to this problem, do not consider the use of the viscosity of the printing plant, the uniform viscosity of the customer's standard sample (ink sample, printing sample), which causes the packaging bag color difference.

Five is the printed packaging ink dosage is larger. Pearl pigment particles coarse will also lead to ink dosage is larger, the particles are too thick, pearl pigment will stay in the ink residue, more difficult to separate, will lead to the waste of ink. In the use of pearl ink, to ensure that the use of shelf life, and use must be stirred evenly.

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