Right Bespoke Wedding Dresses to Show the Best of Your Features.

Posted by vasilikicouture on November 11th, 2019

Deciding a wedding dress is the most difficult task in the entire preparation. Several ideas come in the mind and people fight against all the odds to use all of them to get the perfect costume. They start online research and frequently browse fashion magazines to get the latest trend so that they get the best. Everything is fine but is it worth spending millions on a single wedding gown? Will the latest designer gowns that you buy will make you look perfect on the wedding day? The question might be bit confusing because if the person is ready to spend maximum amount on the dress then why will not she get the perfect dress. Most of times it happens that the person is ready to spend enough still she does not get what she wants and neither it perfectly fits on her body. The primary reason for these issues is the body shape of the person so it is good to have bespoke wedding dresses. It helps to give best features in the dress and make it stunning. Some points to follow according to the body shape are the following:

Bottom-heavy and pear-shaped   

They need to keep people’s eye away from the bottom part and focus upon the top. It is smart to use an off-shoulder bespoke dress with flared skirts because it will give the right look to both the section of the body. The upper section will be attractive and flairs will hide the heavy bottom. The brides should avoid heavy draping to reduce the volume and follow a simple pattern with a sash. It will give a playful look and present a lean body. 

Top-Heavy and broad shoulders

The heavy top means the bust area where the brides are often worried about the cleavage. The broad shoulders do not mean that she cannot wear off-shoulder dresses. The bespoke wedding dresses with halter or one-shoulder will be perfect for them. The other perfect way to hide some cleavage is to have a lace illusion neckline. It looks modest with elegant sexy appearance. 

Lean and straight

They are the brides who can try everything on their body and do not needs to hide any part but still, they have to storm up their mind so that gives the best appearance. They are lean and straight but still cannot wear the same category of dress otherwise they will not get the curves that they want. They will look flat. They should dress in some flair style with some highlights of their tiny waist. It will be a combination of sexy and beautiful.

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event with beautiful experience and memories created. Do not let your dress spoil the day and be what you wish with the help of the bespoke wedding dresses. 

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