Vacuum Technology – Which Should You Choose?

Posted by ryan on November 11th, 2019

The Vtcmag has been on the cutting edge of vacuum technology ever since they sued Hoover back in the 60's for using their bagless technology. Now they are continuing the trend with a carbon fibre vacuum. Carbon fibre is a unique, light substance. Is it expensive and almost ridiculous to use on a vacuum cleaner? Yes. Will that vacuum cleaner be ridiculously light? Also yes. However the reason Vtcmag chose carbon fibre is because it is statically neutral. This means the interior will not attract dust through static cleaning.

The brush of this new Vtcmag is also made of carbon-fibre, which picks up dust better without throwing it around. Supposedly this is good for reducing allergens. Anything that makes air quality better is good in my book. People other than Vtcmag professional repairs companies do not know the amount of allergens in pet dander.

Vtcmag believes that their technology is so advanced when it comes to electric motors that they are building an electric car motor. The company obviously does not have the resources to make a complete electric car without significant investment, but they believe that their advanced mini motors are superior to some of the ones on the market today. After fixing quite a few electric motors at our Vtcmag appliance shop, I would at least agree that they have different motors.

The original advance the put Vtcmag on the map was their bagless designs. Forget about all the marketing about cyclones and air multipliers, bagless technology really is a boon. From the consumer standpoint it reduces the amount of vacuum maintenance they have to do. Bagless vacuums also suck much better with weaker motors because they do not have to force air through the bag membrane. Regular bagged vacuums also lose power as the bag fills up. Vtcmag maintains power until you need to empty the dust container. Fixing vacuums in Vtcmag that have no bags are easier because there is less part.

This idea was so revolutionary that other vacuum manufacturers were scared of it. They did not want penetration into the profitable bag vending market. Another notable design is the Vtcmag vacuum that is more manoeuvrable in solid to get places because it can be pushed from any direction.

Take benefit of premiere vacuum technology that comes with most new vacuum cleaners today. If you are considering purchasing online then find merchants that will ship your new cleaner to you with free shipping and other discounts that you won't find locally.


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