How can smoking raise chances of getting erectile dysfunction?

Posted by floerncedav on November 11th, 2019

How is smoking linked to erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction happens when blood supply to the male sexual organ decreases. The decrease in blood supply could be due to several medical, emotional and psychological reasons.  The blood supply to the male sexual organ is the first basic biological condition for an erection.  When blood vessels are hardened, they restrict the flow of blood to the penis. In fact, when blood vessels narrow down, the blood flow slowdowns in the human body. Not only this lead to erectile dysfunction, but it could also cause a heart attack.

When a person smokes, he inhales several harmful chemicals. The chemicals such as acetone, arsenic, and carbon monoxide are some of the chemicals a cigarette contains.  These chemicals damage the blood vessels.  Inhaling of these chemicals narrows the arteries and reduces the blood flow to the penis. The nicotine in the cigarette directly affects the blood vessels.

Smoking starts the creation of plaque buildup in the arteries. The plaque restricts the blood flow to the different parts of the body. The restricted blood flow creates the risk of erectile dysfunction. The less blood in the penis makes it difficult to get an erection. Even sexual stimulation fails to bring an erection.

Can not smoking reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction?

Yes, stopping smoking recovers the degree of erectile dysfunction. The level of improvement depends on several factors. How long a person smoked?  The extent of damage to his arteries, and age, and general health of the user, etc. also affect the recovery rate.  But the risk factors will come down.  The chances of developing erectile dysfunction will definitely come down.

These days it is comparatively easy to stop the smoking habit. Various alternatives are available in the market in the form of chewing gums. These help a smoker to use them in the place to smoking and gradually come out of smoking.

How to handle erectile dysfunction?

For a younger person, the best course would be to try non-medical alternatives to cure erectile dysfunction. These alternatives take a long time, depending on the degree of erectile dysfunction and the age of the person.

But for an instant solution, the option is popular ED drugs that are easily available in the market.   A man with erectile dysfunction can swallow anyone of these drugs to get an erection. The Sildenafil Citrate 150mg and Tadalafil 40mg are widely used in various doses. 

Let a doctor prescribe you one of them. The doctor examines your medical history and degree of erectile dysfunction before prescribing you an ED pill. The lowest dose of Sildenafil Citrate is 50mg and the highest dose is 200 mg.

Tadalafil is another popular pill for erectile dysfunction. It is also available in various doses.  The major difference between Sildenafil Citrate and tadalafil is the duration of the impact. The Sildenafil Citrate impacts last up to 5 hours, whereas a single Tadalafil 40 mg pill remains effective for 36 hours.

Another famous drug to overcome erectile dysfunction is Levitra 60mg. It is a bit powerful than the other two drugs. The special feature of this drug is that it remains unaffected with a heavy meal and a drink, unlike other drugs.  It also has several doses for soft and hard erectile dysfunction.

The generic version of these drugs is also available in the market.  The function of all drugs is the same. They boost the blood flow to the male sexual organ. But for an erection, sexual stimulation is a must. You cannot have an erection without sexual stimulation, but the drugs will nudge you to have sexual stimulation.

The usage is the same, the user swallows a pill with water and then after 45 minutes, in all drugs, the blood flow increases to the different parts of the body. The blood flow in the smooth muscles of the penis helps it to get an erection.

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