Exploring Smart IoT Devices to Mitigate Risks

Posted by Indrajeet on November 11th, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) has simplified our living in unexpected ways. Smart IoT devices are used at home, offices, warehouses, and public places to reduce the time of task accomplishment.  It automates tasks in hand to increase our efficiency at other important tasks. IoT application developers are receiving home automation app development projects where users can control their tasks with a single device. 

According to McKinsey Global Institute, the Internet of Things market will reach the U.S. .1 trillion annually by 2025.  

Let’s explore some areas where IoT has substantially eased our living. 

Security Concern At Home and Offices

IoT Smart locks prevent homeowners from thieves or unwanted guests.  The system protects the kids at home in the absence of their parents or guardian. Smart lock categories available in the market: 

  • Key Pad Smart Locks: Access is denied to people with wrong access codes. Smart permit access can be given even when a person is away from home. Smartphones connected with smart locks can give access to a person who wishes to enter the house. Simply enter the code in your smartphone app to give access to someone you permit to enter. 
  • August Smart Lock Pro is a US-based smart lock manufacturing company that develops smart locks using IoT platform. These locks duly send alerts to the mobile phones of homeowners in the form of calls or messages. The locks are easily accessible via WiFi or Bluetooth. They are integrated with the popular virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home for more convenience.  

We provide IoT app development services for smart locks. We deliver smart locks mobile apps for warehouses, homes, offices or areas that require a high level of security systems. 

Wireless Key Locators

Humans have the tendency to forget their essentials in trains, busses, and other public transports. Locate valuables easily with Wireless key locators. The proximity sensors in the wireless key locators alert the owners on their Android and iOS smartphones. The devices use short-range signals such as Bluetooth to digitally tether critical items on the smartphone. If an item is left behind an instant alert shoots to the mobile app to guide the owners towards the wayward object. Devices chirp, bleat, beep or make an unusual noise to reveal the location of the belongings. Some Wireless key locators have GPS locator to locate the exact position of the asset. 

We are an IoT app development company that builds apps for smart IoT devices such as a wireless key locator. We develop apps that provide the utmost efficiency to the owners. 

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