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How Do I Recover My Hacked Facebook Account?

Posted by Marilynruth on November 11th, 2019

Using Facebook is always the roller-coaster ride. Not only is it used for contacting the world but it is perfect for promoting your business and brand. However, slight negligence on Facebook can invite various unwanted threats such as hacked FB account. This is the most spooky issue that FB users always afraid of. But if you have already lost access to your Facebook account, do the recovery without wasting a moment and recover Hacked Facebook account

First of all, let’s understand how to detect a compromised FB account:

  1. The recovery email or phone number has been Changed

  2. The Facebook password is no longer the same

  3. Your Facebook account is locked, after a password change

  4. Your Fb information is modified

  5. The privacy settings have been turned off

  6. Your FB friend list has unknown people those who you never added

  7. Your account has sent friend requests to unknown users

  8. Your timeline ahs the posts are posted from your account but you haven't done it

  9. Messages to random people have been sent from your account

  10. Your data is deleted from your account. 

If any of these things have taken place on your FB account, you need to be alert and do the needful i.e. recover your Hacked Facebook account.

To recover your Fb account, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Facebook sign-in page

  2. Enter your facebook id or username

  3. Now click “forgotten account?”

  4. Type the recovery email address or phone number

  5. Verify the code you receive on your device

  6. Create a new password and login with the same

  7. Next, undo the changes that hackers ahs made on your account.

If this method does not help you, report the hack to Facebook using the steps given below:

  1. First, go to the Hacked Facebook account page

  2. Now, click on the “My Account Is Compromised” option 

  3. Enter the email address or phone number linked with your account

  4. Tap on the “Search” button

  5. Type the current password ( the password you used last time to login)

  6. Click Continue to proceed

  7. Now choose the apt option from the list of reason under “Firstly, can you tell us what's happening?” heading

  8. Choose the recovery method using from the phone number or email address

  9. Now follow the on-screen instruction to complete the verification process 

  10. You will be asked to create a new password

  11. After creating a new password, click on “Get Started” and follow the prompts to secure your Fb account. 


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