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Posted by Cuckoo Tech on November 11th, 2019

Every business organizationshould focus on the quality of the attendance data. Inaccurate information on attendance and timings can directly impact the overall growth of the company. From regular employees, vendors, support staff to HR professionals, every individual’s attendance is integrated with their payroll. This makes the data and its accuracy vital for both the employee and the company. Time Attendance Software provides Managers and HRs a better attendance and payroll system. It acts as a clock wizard thatprovides an enhanced version for capturing data that generates accurate reports with impeccable precision.

Importance of time tracking for better business functionality

An employee’s attendance is a key indicatorof their performance. Employee’s in-time and out-time can account for long and short working hours;however, it may not link to the tasks completed. A good Time attendance softwaretrack this detail as well. It can help you in assigning work, tracking the progress and even scheduling the shifts. This is very helpful if your team is not co-located.

Time attendance management facilitatesHRs to be in line with payroll and legal policies. When employees are aware of the time schedules being monitored, it can enable them to work better which in turn positively impacts the business functionality.

How timeand attendance improve employee’s productivityin the organization

Using a Time attendance management brings in more accountability to the tasks assigned to each employee. They know their payroll is linked to their tasks which are monitored and tracked against the system. This encourages the employees to strive hard to accomplish their tasks ahead of time, helping increase the overall productivity of the company. A Time Attendance Management System also brings in transparency in the system and avoids any preferential treatment that isanother morale booster for employees.

Real-time tracking is the need of the hour

Technology and the world are moving fast. No one has the time and energy to do redundant tasks. The HR or the manager might not be able to track down the accurate performance data of each employee if a Time Attendance Software is not implemented in the organization. An employee can’t just walk into the office premises for the sake of registering his attendance to be qualified for his payand do no work. Even in case, a discrepancy has been raised by the manager for the employee’s performance, only a system atized data would help. This can also help employees when the manager raises inappropriate disputes against them.

The work of HR’s, Managers and employees are made simple with the help of this software. It also ensures that the company has legally complied with HR and legal policies. Without accurate data, any dispute or complaints would be considered void. Therefore, the better functioning of the company and for better employer and employee relation, a good time attendance software is mandatory. Therefore,real-time tracking is the need of the hour.

Time attendance software helps the Human Resources team to centralize attendance policies.

Time Attendance Software plays the most vital role and acts as the clock wizard for every organization. Human resource personnel can track the attendance, and time schedules of every individual which needs to be considered during the appraisal period.

An employee can be promoted, demoted, paid less or get a hike in the salary based on their work schedules. Recognitions and rewards are also based on the performance of the employee that complies with the working hours. Time attendance software is a quick and effective way to rate or review the employees.

Work schedule policies would work efficiently only if the software is being implemented in the business. Human Resource personnel can easily frame or change the attendance policies based on the reports. It also helps them to understand the overall performance of each team in terms of their work timings. Employees would be made accountable for every minute they spend at work.Software is also designed to track real-time reports in case of work from home or telecommuting employees. Regular reports can be published to helpemployees work better.These reports help managers to have a better understanding of each employee, and to find ways to improve their work schedules or work pattern.

About CuckooTech.

CuckooTech has helped several business units and human resource teams with their innovative Time Attendance System. With accuracy in capturing real-time data, CuckooTech leads the market in time tracking systems. They provide advanced software which can be customized for every business need. Seamless integration with the cloud and gamification of the attendance data is what makes them unique. If you and your organization want to make the head start towards this digital revolution, then book a free demo with CuckooTech today.

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