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Posted by sere on November 11th, 2019

Every year, we spend more than 8 in the United States. 6 billion gallons of bottled water. It\'s almost 70 billion separate bottles of water! Every year, we throw 90% of our water bottles into the trash can, which is a growing problem! Many of us use it. Plastic is used every day, not even aware of this. We can use plastic. Silver in plastic packaging or we can drink with plastic straws in plastic cups. We might stop at the coffee shop and walk out with plastic We can even buy a plastic water bottle in a plastic bag, which is convenient and easy to carry. We often do these things without thinking. Sadly, we only recycle 9% of all the plastic products we have used. What\'s worse, though, is that almost all of these plastic products we throw into the trash can are single -- Using plastic, designed to be used only once before being thrown into the trash can, where they will last hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years or more in the environment. U. S. More than 2 million tons of waste plastic bottles spilled from landfill sites ,( Keep in mind that the empty bottle weighs only an ounce or two); So there are a lot of bottles. Most likely, each of us Introduces at least one piece of plastic waste to the world every day, 365 days a year; If we reflect on our plastic use, there may be more. Every day, I see people throwing recycled things into the trash can, whether it\'s plastic water bottles, coffee covers or shopping bags. There are uninhabited islands in the middle of the Pacific, where plastic- Bottles, straws, pens, mobile phones, covers, computers, or what you call \"Rest in peace\", but still causing serious damage to the fragile ecosystem. When plastic breaks down, they break down into something called Microplastics. They float in the ocean and may even smell like food. Marine animals, from plankton, to fish, to whales, eat these plastics and absorb toxic chemical compounds in the fat they accumulate. This means that the seafood you eat may contain plastic residues or other toxins that are harmful to your health and ecosystem. Plastic causes environmental degradation and fossilsfuel use. This is because every piece of plastic comes from fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are also used in the manufacturing process. Plastics can also cause marine pollution, and we are exposed to toxic chemicals, including carcinogens and endocrine substances. Destroy compoundThree- Hundreds of millions of tons of plastic are produced every year, and at least 8 million tons of plastic fall into the ocean every year. I wrote this in \"plastic, plastic everywhere\" and \"plastic, this is something for dinner. \"This leads to the question: there is only one person, what can I do to help? The answer is: a lot! Some of the things we can do to reduce plastic use are obvious, such as bringing your own reusable shopping bags to the store, or traveling with reusable forks or spoons. Others may be simple, such as bringing your own coffee cup to your local coffee shop or making your own coffee at home. Or use reusable water bottles to fill tap water or filtered water from a water dispenser or hydration station. Many university campuses and even airports have filter equipment installed. Water Station! In fact, the last time I flew over Los Angeles International Airport, there were water stations in several terminals. So instead of buying a bottle of plastic bottle water as in the past, I brought an empty, reusable water bottle with me, saving . 49! Did you know? When I understand the danger of plastic contamination, I can tell you that there are some great movies that can prove this ( Plastic Ocean and Plastic Paradise) I changed my habits at once. I bought reusable stainless steel. Steel water bottles for each member of my family, I make my own coffee at home, I bring reusable grocery bags to the store and even buy reusable nets for my fruits and vegetables These are all feasible. These are the reasons why I \"became the person who changed. \"Instead of inheriting the earth from our parents, we borrowed the earth from our children. When I took my son to the beach, he asked me why I threw so much plastic. We discussed that the ocean will eventually cause harm to animals and the environment. We discussed how to do better by packing our own reusable water bottles, which he was told. We need to be informed as consumers. We vote with our wallets, we can challenge each other, organizations and companies and reduce the use of a single walletuse plastics. We all need water for our health; But plastic water bottles can do harm to our health and environment. Today, there are companies that are reaching out to consumers to raise awareness of these issues, empower us to \"change\" and help protect the environment, do better for ourselves, our planet, and our children.

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