World's three biggest ancient tea trees

Posted by naturalpuerh on November 12th, 2019

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For the three words "ancient tea tree", everyone who drinks tea knows. With the heat of Pu-erh tea, ancient tea trees are becoming more and more popular in the market. There are more and more people pursuing ancient tea trees. Is there really so many ancient tea trees? Perhaps what you see is also the ancient tea tree, but the age of the tree is only a few hundred years. How big is the ancient tea tree today, do you want to know?
Scientifically, according to the fertility characteristics of tea trees in different periods, the tea trees are divided into four biological age periods, namely, seedling stage, infancy, adulthood and aging.
The seedling stage refers to the time from the germination of the tea to the unearthing of the tea seedlings, and the first growth pause.
The infancy of tea trees refers to the time from the first growth of the tea tree to the first flowering and fruiting.
The adulthood of a tea tree is from the first flowering to the first natural regeneration.
The natural growth, unattended “ridiculous” and “landless” tea trees, due to the influence of different fertility conditions, the duration of adulthood varies greatly, from hundreds of years to as few as decades.
1. Qianjiazhai No. 1 Ancient Tea Tree:
This is the world's largest wild ancient tea tree. It grows in the virgin forest at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. It is located in Ailao Mountain, Qianjiazhai, Yunnan Province, with a height of 25.6 meters. Experts speculate that it is about 2,700 years old. This Qianjiazhai No. 1 ancient tea tree was discovered only in 1991. In October 2001, this ancient tea tree was adopted by a tea enterprise, and the trees were protected around it. There were also people who took turns to guard this millennial ancient tea tree.
2. Jinxiu Tea Ancestor:
After watching the wild tea, let’s take a look at the cultivation. This cultivated ancient tea tree is located in Fengqing County, Yunnan Province, with an elevation of 2245 meters, a tea tree height of 10.6 meters, a waist circumference of 5.82 meters, and a tree age of more than 3200 years. This tree has become a Chinese tea. The "one brother" in the world, a series of protective measures such as building houses, pouring waste water, etc. within 100 meters of the tea tree circle, has greatly protected this living fossil.
3, Mengku big snow mountain wild ancient tea tree:
The largest ancient tea garden in the world, the wild ancient tea tree community in the Big snow Mountain of Mengku was discovered in 1997. At that time, the branches of the Big snow Mountain were so dense that even wild animals could not walk through. Most of the tea trees were more than a thousand years old. The local government has already The document was issued, stipulating that in addition to scientific research needs, the wild ancient tea tree in the big Snow Mountain does not allow any form of picking.
After the natural regeneration of the tea tree, it enters the aging period. After several iterations, the tree gradually dies. Duration, artificial planting, economic production is generally only 40-60 years; natural growth, unattended, stimulating small "ridiculous", "landless" tea trees, up to hundreds of years.
If you want to ask how much the tea of ​​these ancient tea trees can sell? Then I can't answer. If the people who study the source and survival mode of tea trees, the value of these ancient tea trees is not as big as that of "big" only!

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