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Posted by Pramod Prajapti on November 12th, 2019

Business Globe Awards provides small business evaluation, issues small business awards and provides SEO service for small business worldwide

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Business Globe Awards was founded as a digital marketing agency specifically catering to small and midsize businesses worldwide, helping them to establish a more prominent profile in their industry, market, and niche – all while rewarding those found to have gone above and beyond typical and traditional customer service with its prestigious awards and recognition.

Our founder (and the five individual jurists from around the world that make up our Awards Recognition Panel) understand that today’s business landscape is more competitive than ever before.

Trying o differentiate a small to midsize business these days is a real challenge. Most of these businesses do not have the deep pockets larger operations have for marketing and advertising, and even if they had access to these resources, they may not have the connections or specific expertise to use them effectively.

The company mission

BGA recognizes that the small and midsize businesses should not be punished because the odds are stacked against them. The awards are specifically designed to recognize small businesses that work hard every single day to make their clients and customers happy, to acknowledge and represent how important this is as an entrepreneurial endeavor worldwide.

Our company motto and mantra are built on the foundation of “recognizing excellence through customer satisfaction”. Our founder and our panelists believe that companies deserve to be recognized for their efforts in making their customers and clients happy, going beyond the norm to provide excellent service, and contributing positively to their lives as well as those in their community through their entrepreneurial efforts.

The award process

Recipients of Business Globe Award nominations can expect to be contacted by our representatives and notified of their nomination. Once a year, our jurists will convene to determine who will be presented with the prestigious Business Globe Awards in each individual category that year.

The Business Globe Awards difference

After winners have been notified directly, we also make sure that their businesses are prominently displayed in our directory of winners. Your company will be able to use this listing as independent verification and proof of winning, and BGA also leverages its network and access to announce award winners through a series of press releases. Many of these press releases are going to be distributed through TV channel news networks, expanding the marketing profile of award-winning businesses without them having to spend any money or extra time doing so.

In certain circumstances, individual businesses that are recipients of the awards will also be invited to do an expose on our website. This is a channel set up specifically to share these inspirational stories through the BGA platform, again further recognizing the positive contributions and efforts these businesses and individuals are making in their market, industry, and community.

Take action to achieve the next level for your business

For more information about the Business Globe Awards nomination or evaluation process, details regarding the integrity of our awards, or more information regarding our individual panelists and past winners – as well as the paid marketing and consulting services provided through BGA – we encourage interested parties to research this information on our website or contact us directly.

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