Understand The Importance The Culmination Of One's Own Body

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Nowadays, there is more awareness about health. Many people seriously turn to health care. But there are still many people who are not interested in taking care of their own image Don't understand the importance Complexity and the culmination of one's own body Or some people will take care of health Only when it is sick Or some people start to care Became worried about health After our bodies are gone

We often meet people like this, talking to healthy people that Good luck in good health Not knowing that having good health It has nothing to do with luck. If we have a healthy body that works well, many things will be good as well. We will feel better, look better, be happy or have a good life. Do not believe? Try reading what these people are saying.To find out more info on health, you have to visit challengeup website.

The best investment is ourselves. Few people can use their potential to make the most of their lives. Many people are unaware of their full potential. The most valuable resource is ourselves. We can go as high as we want to go.

If we have the intention to create Want to do good things Let it happen Doing things that affect the lives of those around you. What we need is We must live a long life first. Otherwise we don't have a chance to make it happen. And even more important In addition to having a long life, it must also have good health as well.

The army must march
The easiest thing that we can start right now is Start by adjusting your diet first, then try searching and finding some suggestions Of our home, it will be called the nutrition flag.

The nutrition flag was created to be a model for dietary advice of people. For food eating practices in order to get sufficient nutrition And as beneficial to the body as possible in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health By the Division of Nutrition, Department of Health, which has 9 food based dietary guidelines

But if wanting more information, then have to look at the Harvard School of Public Health's Food Pyramids . It should be suitable. They are created and constantly updated. Importantly, he also cited the research that Eating a Healthy Eating Pyramid diet will reduce your chances of having a heart attack and premature death. This must be good for sure.

Healthy Eating Plate
Healthy Eating Plate is a recommendation on what we should eat in each meal. To receive nutrients that are healthy and balanced. For us to be as healthy as this.

At each meal, eat half of vegetables and fruits.
Focus on eating many vegetables and fruits if talking about diversity. Think of colors such as red, green, yellow, blue, purple, white, orange. Eat and complete the spectrum.


But potatoes aren't considered vegetables. And has a negative effect on blood sugar levels.

Studies have shown evidence that eating fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. And studies have found evidence of links between eating fruits and vegetables and cancer prevention Helps to lower blood pressure Reduce the risk of diabetes.

And what we have learned since childhood is Eat green leafy vegetables to help with vision. Because in green leafy vegetables With carotenoids Which will reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

Then we probably don't have to eat like this always Do not be very strict, but gradually adjust to stop some unhealthy food, no dessert, and shaved ice.

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