Drafting A Power Of Attorney Form Top Things To Keep In Mind

Posted by Carl Glendon on November 12th, 2019

In some cases in life, it is necessary to act or take decisions in advance. A durable power of attorney is important in those cases when you are unable to take decisions of your own and lack the capacity to deal with your own affairs due to an ailment or accident. The individual who gets the authorization is known as the ‘agent’ while the one who gives the authorization is referred as the grantor. Before the preparation of a durable official power of attorney document, you need to keep many essential things in consideration.

Choose a proper agent

It is important that you pick an agent who is suitable in your case, and would be regarded as valid in the eyes of law. First, he needs to be of 18 years of age at least. As the individual you pick as an agent would be handling your properties and finances, it is essential to pick one you can put your faith on. It is often that people suppose that they have to pick an attorney as their own agent. However, attorneys are necessarily not the agents when a durable power of attorney is being prepared. It is true that a lawyer is not even required to serve as witness when the document is signed. You only require a registered notary. For more information about getting an Arkansas power of attorney, please visit this website.

Written agreement

In a few cases, an oral agreement may be held as enough evidence and has legal validity in a court of law. But in some types of situations, the agreement needs to be given in a written form. In many states, legal documents power of attorney forms are presented in a written form.

There are also plenty of institutions that need an individual acting on behalf of some other individual, to present a power of attorney that can bestow on them the legal powers to do the same. These include Internal Revenue Service, banks and hospitals. To learn more about drafting a Massachusetts power of attorney form online, visit this website.

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