WoW Classic Guide: How to pick a good Class

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on November 12th, 2019

Best Tank: Protection Warrior

In WoW Classic, the warrior is the only choice for tank. Mainly because there are only 9 classes in WoW Classic, you can't choose monks and demon hunters that have good performance in modern WoW, and Paladin can only be used as a supporting role in the team at level 60, the role is to apply treatment and blessing effects to other players.
The main advantage of the soldiers as a tank is that they are highly maneuverable and can maintain their own threat to the boss so that their teammates are always in a safe state. Especially the orc warriors, they can cause considerable damage to the monster while protecting their teammates. Moreover, in WoW Classic, warriors are one of the few classes that can use swords, which allows them to wield Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. This legendary weapon can supplement the AOE damage ability that the warrior lacks, and increase the threat to the boss. If you want to be a successful tank, you should try to collect the material forging it.
As with all tanking classes in Classic, gameplay is very different than it is on Live. For example, Active mitigation - buttons that you press to reduce damage that comes in, or recover from damage taken – is less emphasized, and in some cases is Reduced to just cooldowns that you predictably hit during times of high incoming damage.

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Best Healer: Holy Priest
The popularity of the holy priests is second only to the warriors, not only because they are indispensable therapists in the team raid, but more importantly because they can play the same powerful role in PvP battles. As a therapist, the Holy Priest not only has a strong single treatment ability, but also effectively cures group members. In particular, the human priests and ethnic traits give the human priest a higher spirit, which means faster mana recovery.
For raids, priests also offer the powerful stamina-boosting Fortitude buff. Dwarven priests give Alliance players the incredibly powerful Fear Ward, which protects a player from receiving the Fear effect. As several major bosses use Fear, including Magmadar in Molten Core, a rotation of Dwarven priests is useful to have.

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